What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

Name:  The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership
Website:   wealthyaffiliate.com
$47 per Month Premium, $359 per Year Premium
Kyle & Carson
Scam or Legit:
Overall Rank: 9/10

The Wealthy Affiliate University or Community was founded by two very successful entrepreneurs Kyle and Carson. Since it’s inception in 2005 the Wealthy Affiliate has grown to an amazing 180000 membership and it has become a major hub for internet marketing training and networking. The Wealthy Affiliate is now a major player in providing up to date online business training, with a strong emphasis on affiliate marketing and social networking.

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

 WA Premium Member

This is my second year as a premium member at WA and yes I guess that my review here may be slightly biased, but it’s an honest review of the WA features that I have personally used.


The Premium membership offers all the benefits of the FREE Membership, but the premium membership includes some extremely useful additional features:

  • Live community help & support 24/7
  • Web Hosting for unlimited sites with 24/7 support
  • Keyword Search Tool
  • Live video classes
  • Website backup
  • Forum Participation
  • Premium video training
  • Premium courses and classrooms
  • Advanced Affiliate Bootcamp training
  • 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring
  • Private messaging with other members

It’s very exciting times as you see your web sites starting to grow and you begin to see some revenue coming in. This is the point in time that you’ll probably want invest your earnings back into your business and upgrade to the Premium level. I consider this to be a risk-free venture because you are now at a stage where you are learning to expand your business and your income can pay for your premium membership. There are a lot of WA features that I haven’t got around to using, so I’ve decided to talk only about the premium features that I personally use.

The WA Premium Membership – Community

The helpful community is something that I really love and something many other programs fail to provide. You can put a question to the community and within minutes you will start to get responses. There are thousands of people in the community and many hundreds of them are ready to jump in there and help with useful suggestions and comments. Likewise, you are encouraged to respond to other members comments. I particularly enjoy helping new members with their queries.

The WA Premium Membership – Hosting

I currently have 5 (own domain) websites that are hosted at WA. I transferred 3 of them from “Hostgator” shortly after I joined the premium membership. This was a simple process that took a couple of hours to complete. My other 2 (own domain) websites were initially free sites that I created at WA which I have now migrated to my own domains. If this is not making sense to you then sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Account where everything is clearly explained.

I also have a number of WA free websites which I use to explore market ideas and at some point, I may migrate a couple of these sites to my own domains.

The WA Premium Membership – Live Video Classes

These are simply brilliant resources but they are aired at some very strange times. I need my sleep so I usually watch the replay video during my normal waking hours. This means that I don’t participate in the live discussions, but I do get to see/hear all the comments, questions, and action.

The WA Premium Membership – Keyword Search Tool

Google Alphabet SoupI tend to start my searches with Google using the Alphabet Soup technique.

Playing around for a short while can often find some great keyword ideas. After finding a few keyword phrases or ideas I then go to the WA Keyword Tool to dig a little deeper. It’s here that I can find out whether my keywords are high ranking with low competition.

WA keyword toolThis is the WA Keyword Tool, which I use extensively for my in-depth keyword research. This tool has been incredibly useful for me over the past year or so. It works very well for me and there are no limits on how many search terms that you can be used.

The WA Premium Membership – Courses And Classrooms

wa classrooms

There is so much information here that it would take a dedicated monk to work through. So I tend to be selective with the training that I undergo. It’s really like a huge encyclopedia just waiting to be used, it’s there if you need it.


So What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership To You?

I could waffle on and on about The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership. It’s many things to many people, but it suits me perfectly. However, the product needs to suit your needs and the only way for you to find out is to sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Account where you’ll be able to give it a try and see for yourself.

Get started with your own Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership today!

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The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership

Take a good look at What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership? if you haven’t already done so because this is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to learn the ropes of Internet marketing. Here is a quick comparison of the Free vs Premium memberships.

Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Premium

Wealthy Affiliate FREE

Wealthy Affiliate PREMIUM

$0 per month $47.00 per month
Live chat first 7 days Live chat 24/7
Personal Blog Personal Blog
2 websites and web hosting Unlimited websites and web hosting
Starter Training Unlimited Premium training courses
30 Keyword searches per month Unlimited keyword searches
Keyword lists
More than 4 live Webinar training’s/month
 24/7 Access to forum and Live Chat
Video and Blog Database
 24/7 personal support

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