What Is The Global Money Line

What Is The Global Money Line

So, what is the global money line business opportunity?

As the sales pitch goes: Join for Free “Get In Line!” What does this all mean? Well it means that should you sign up you will automatically join a list of people that are queuing behind the person who signed up before you. 

Global Money LinePeople are signing up at a very fast rate, possibly up to 1000 a day, maybe more. This means that the list of people below you grows at around 1000 a day. You as a member at any level of membership can contact all these people below you. However, the only valid reason for contacting people below you would be to promote your own business offers. Saying Hi is just not going to cut it, you must offer some sort of service or information to your ‘downline’.

Global Money Line Free Members

You as a FREE member can contact one person at a time, so as a free member you’d be flat out contacting your list growing at 1000 a day.

or information to your ‘downline’.

Global Money Line Paid Members

  • Bronze members can contact 20 people at a time
  • Silver members can contact 50 at a time
  • Gold members can contact 100 at a time
  • Platinum members can contact 250 people at a time

So upping your membership really makes contacting your list much easier than the one at a time slog.

Sounds good if you’ve got a message or promotion that you can broadcast. But there are some other things that you really need to know:

  • Everyone ABOVE you can send one message to you and the list below you.
  • Everyone BELOW you can send one message to you and the list below them.

There’s an awful lot of messaging going on and of course it’s the highest levels of membership that get priority when it comes to exposure. By this I mean that if you are a free or bronze member, there is very little chance that your message will be seen by any recipients. This is because the higher membership messages will pile on top of your message and the recipient will need to scroll down the 100 or so messages to read yours. I’m hoping that this will make you fully aware of what you are actually purchasing, and what you are actually getting.

One Other Mention

The other thing I should mention is that you can only send one message to anyone on your list. They can reply to your message and you can reply back. But you don’t actually receive their email address unless you ask for it, or if they buy something off you (using their PayPal email). So this program is not really a list building package as claimed by Global Moneyline.

or information to your ‘downline’.

Global Money Line What Does It Cost

Price: Membership begins FREE then accrues Silver + Gold + Platinum

So my understanding is that Gold Membership = $50 + $100 = $150

  • FREE
  • Bronze $20 (One Time Fee)
  • Silver $50 (Annual Cost)
  • Gold $100 (Annual Cost)
  • Platinum $250 (Annual Cost)

Is Global Money Line a scam, or is it legit?

What is an internet scamTo be honest it’s neither, I say this because I’ve bought into it myself, I’ve paid the $20 and I’ve been using it for the last two weeks. During this short time it’s become clear to me that the only real chance to make money is by upgrading my membership to at least silver or gold.

I made an offer to 9000 people (in batches of 20) and got 7 clicks to my site over a 4 day period…..Laughable really, but I gave it a go and to be honest I really didn’t think it would work for me.

I personally have not made any money from it, this is because I’m not prepared to pay the extra money to upgrade my membership from bronze to Gold.

I Can’t Recommend The Global Money Line

Quite honestly I’m not willing to recommend this program to anyone unless I had found that it was a relatively easy and sustainable online business venture.

Global Money Line is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, it relies entirely upon affiliate recruitment. This is a program that doesn’t have anything to market or sell. There are two ways for recruited affiliates to earn money.

  1. Affiliates must recruit more and more people to join.
  2. Affiliates can promote their own offers to affiliates below them.

I can’t define this program entirely as a scam, I do believe that you can make money with it, but it’s not really the sort of completely transparent program that I would wish to be associated with.

Is the Global Money Line for you?

You’ve probably come across Global Money Line via a friend or an affiliate and you’re interested and you are looking for some info about the company.

Honestly this is not a program that will suit everyone. If you’re after a sustainable online business that will grow and give you a good income for years to come….Then this is not it!

If you are trying to build an email list….Then this is not it!…..Unless you are prepared to go all the way to at least Silver or Gold membership. Of course you will need to have some pretty decent promotions to promote, otherwise you’re efforts and money will be wasted.

My Own #1 Recommendation

If you are new to Internet Marketing let me introduce you to The Wealthy Affiliate. Where else can you sign up for free, turn your passion into a thriving business – No credit card needed, just your name and an email address?


Wealthy Affiliate’s sole purpose is to show people how to build an online business that will generate income for many years to come. If you are willing to learn and to take action then having a online business will definitely be for you.

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