What Is The Empower Network Scam?

What Is The Empower Network Scam?

There are plenty of articles online asking the question or statement ‘What is the Empower Network Scam’, or ‘review‘ or ‘fraud‘, or even an ‘honest review‘. Most of the writers have some vested interest in the Empower Network negative reviews and the same can be said of the positive reviews. I’d like you to know that I’m not associated with EN in any way, but I thought I’d add my own thoughts to the subject.

This is my own informal review of Empower Network. I say informal because it’s been over three years ago in 2012 that I became a member. But looking at other reviews online it seems things are pretty much the same.

What is a Wussie, or What is a Wussy?

empower network scamA wussie, or wussy is someone that joins EN and is unwilling to upgrade and pay the extra needed to get the next level of training.

I signed up for empower network and was given a Blog template which was very basic, but it looked pretty flash to me at the time. Little did I realise that there were thousands of other similar looking blogs vying for attention online. However, it was easy to get started and I could blog to on a regular basis without too many problems.

So if you are a wussie/wussy then you’re not someone who throws caution to the wind and goes for the ALL IN! So be prepared for the hard sell Which of course costs a lot more money than the $25 a month basic subscription.

Problems with Empower Network

The main issue I had with EN was that there was not enough training in the form of videos or text to show me how to go about successful blogging. There was no mention of blog content matter, or any help or guidance with using keywords. I just went ahead in my own way, blogging about subject matter without any connection to affiliate marketing or even Empower Network.

There was no mention in the videos of what to blog about or how to use keywords, I just went ahead on my merry way talking about whatever subject that came to mind. I have since noticed that there are many other similar Newbie EN blogs rambling on about all kinds of subject matter.

david woodThe affiliate marketing videos were good quality but apart from the rambling presentations by David Wood and his mate, they did not have much in the way of useful information.

I stuck with the program and blogged for about 9 months, but I got zero traffic or referrals. I was constantly reminded that I need it to upgrade to get further information and training. Much to my embarrassment that blog and my scribblings is still floating around in cyberspace, with any referrals going to my up-line referee.

My up-line partner did not make any contact with me, I did email her several times asking her for some help, but when she did finally reply to my email she told me I had to upgrade before she would give me any assistance.

Cancel Empower Network Membership

After much disappointment I decided to drop out  and cancel empower network. The basic failing of empower network was the lack of good information and training. I was never too keen to upgrade because of a number of factors if I had seen any referrals or success I certainly would have upgraded. Cancelling was very straightforward and no further payments were made.

The Empower Network Community

I found that the community that Empower Network community was non-existent and were only out there to look after themselves. Since then I have upgraded my own level of training at The Wealthy Affiliate, I am currently a premium member where there is heaps of good training and the community is extremely vibrant and helpful.

With the knowledge that I have gained from The Wealthy Affiliate I’m sure I would now succeed with the Empower Network program, in fact with any MLM program. But I find that these programs are not really my scene these days. I prefer to work as an affiliate for products that I truly believe in.

My Recommendation

If you’ve taken in the message of this ‘What is the Empower Network scam’ and you do decide to sign up with Empower Network, then I recommend that you also sign up to The Wealthy Affiliate for a free account.

Yes, the amazing thing is that you can join for free and also create two free websites at WA to display your Empower Network banners. With the free WA membership you’ll get far more training on how to go about blogging than you’ll get from any of the Empower Network starter packages. What have you got to lose!

I realize that I’m leaving out some information about EN. Let’s face it there is plenty of negative and positive info about the program plastered about the internet. Please share and comment below if can you provide any other thoughts:

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    • Hi Lenny,
      Happy to see you signed up with WA. Let’s stay in contact, if you have any questions just shoot me a message at WA anytime.

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