What Is An Internet Scam?

What Is An Internet Scam?

Firstly, What Is A Scam?

What is an internet scamTo put it bluntly a scam is a dishonest attempt to swindle you into parting with your money, it’s a form of robbery.

Strictly speaking a scam is a program or plan to accept money from people for payment of a product or service that is not delivered. If the product or service is not delivered as described or expected then someone has been scammed.

So What Is An Internet Scam?

An internet scam is a scam that is committed over the internet. You could even be scammed on large and reliable sites such as eBay and Gumtree. These scams tend to be relatively simple and are operated by dishonest sellers and buyers. Do your homework and check out their sales record and feedback before committing to buy. It’s really a case of buyer beware, so don’t hand over the money until you are confident that you are dealing with an honest seller.

Professional Scammers

The scammers who operate their own websites are generally professionals. They will use very persuasive sales techniques that can play on your emotions to promote a sense of guilt, fear or anxiety. These emotional techniques can convince you into taking unnecessary online risks. Be aware that they will almost certainly play on your natural desires of greed. Sometimes they build professional looking websites which may be carbon copies of familiar sites that can convince you that you are actually visiting your own bank or building society. When in fact you are giving them your bank account PIN numbers.

Take Care Online

It Can Happen To Anyone spending money online. I was scammed for $97 about three years ago when I bought a product online. I paid my money and received nothing, that was the last I heard. The product being sold was really too cheap and I should have been aware that it was a scam, but greed got the better of me. It was a lesson that I had to learn and I haven’t been scammed since.

Buying online is really like buying in the offline world. There are people offline who are going to rob you, but through your worldly experiences you develop a sixth sense and avoid their scams’ most of the time!

Not All “Scams” Are Scams

I believe the term “scam” is overly used and can be misleading. There are many online Multi-level Marketing programs and make money fast programs that are commonly called scams. Most if not all of these programs are not scams, as they don’t rob the buyer. This is because most of these programs do deliver some level of service. The quality and service may not be up to the buyers expectations, but it would be true to say but he hasn’t been robbed, rather he may have been misled. In some case there may even be a money back guarantee.

MLM schemes that I have been associated with

  • Empower Network
  • SFM (Six Figure Mentors)
  • MyFunLIFE

I have been a member of the above programs for at about six months each and yes I didn’t make a great amount of money, even after doing all their training and following their methods. But, I honestly don’t regret being a member of the above programs because I know that I often need to learn the hard way. I have learnt a great lesson and yes I would say it’s been a costly exercise. But, I know that many other members of these programs do make money, sometimes huge amounts of money.

Perhaps most members don’t make as much as they’ve been hyped up to expect, but they do make money never the less. So by definition these programs are not scams. This does not however stop other people claiming them to be scams, mostly for their own gain such as their own affiliate promotions.

That said I would not recommend these programs. These programs are not really business’s that you can personally own and sell on at a later date.

You will never own your assigned MLM website URL, it will always remain the property of your MLM provider and as such it will be useless to you should you decide to move on to other ventures.

Create your OWN business

In contrast riskfreeventures.com is my own URL and I can do whatever I want with it. I can promote any products I wish and even sell the site it if I really wanted to.

A lot of expensive MLM training is freely available online, so don’t be fooled into thinking that their training is unique and priceless. If you aren’t convinced and still go the MLM route be sure to do some research and choose to sign up under a team that will go the extra mile to help you get started. This is really important, otherwise you may be left floundering to work the system on your own.

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