What Is A Keyword Research Tool

Before we get to the nitty gritty of my Jaaxy keyword research tool review let’s take a look at what is a keyword research tool:

A keyword is any word or short phrase (long tail keyword) that searchers commonly use to seek information on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. These keywords are the words that a searcher will type into the search engine search bar. A keyword research tool merely gives information regarding these search terms, or keywords.

Generating Free Traffic

free trafficFirstly let me say I only use free traffic sources to generate traffic to this site. My main free sources of traffic come from using keywords. So if you aren’t sure what a keyword is then it may interest you to know that you probably found this page because you entered a keyword or phrase into your search engine search bar.

You may have browsed a couple of sites on your search results page before you found this page, but ultimately you are here because of your keyword search.

As an example a couple of my keywords on this page are:

  • What is a keyword research tool

  • The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

You may have arrived at this page by any number of routes. But, If you came directly to this page then It’s very likely that you came here by using one of the above search terms in a search engine like Google.

Blogging With A Keyword Research Tool

blogging contentFinding and using in context the most effective keywords in your website content is probably the most effective method of generating organic traffic to a blog.

If you want high rankings in the search engines (and who doesn’t) you will need a keyword tool that’s reliable and effective in identifying useful keywords to add to your content.

So if you have a blog and you want to increase it’s free traffic then you will benefit from using some sort of keyword research tool to give you information on the relevant keywords that you could include in your posts . There are plenty of keyword research tools out there, but some are very complicated and some are very expensive.

Most keyword research tools offer a short free trial and their complexity can be appreciated in the trial period. BUT and it’s a big but, using any new keywords in your blog will normally take a couple of weeks to see results. This is because it takes time for the keywords to be indexed by the search engines. So look for a key word tool that allows you to do a number of searches before you consider the paid version rather than a 10 day trial.

Keyword Ranking Tool

whats my serpMost paid keyword research tools include a keyword ranking tool. If you don’t have one of these you may like to consider using Whats My Serp to track your keyword success. It’s free to use and it works very well to indicate your keyword rankings.

The Fundamentals Of Keyword Research

Let’s get to the fundamentals of keyword research, when I’m conducting a keyword research, there are only 4 things that I’m looking for and they are:

  1. The keyword must be contextual and sensible with my content.
  2. The keyword must receive a sufficient number of monthly searches.
  3. The keyword must be capable of generating traffic.
  4. The keyword must have relatively low competition.
  • That’s it!   That’s all I need!   Anything else is all fluff!

Finally The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Name: Jaaxy
Website: Jaaxy.com
Price: $0 to get 30 free searches, or $19/month.
Owners: Kyle & Carson of the Wealthy Affiliate Community
Overall Rank: 9.5/10

Okay, so this is a review of the Jaaxy keyword tool which I hope is going to be a little different than all the many others out there. I’ll be showing you the FREE version, which will give you 30 free searches, after which you will be prompted to invest in the paid version. So use your 30 searches, find some great keywords, add them to a couple of new posts and then wait a couple of weeks to see how your pages have improved in their rankings.

First off, I believe you’ll appreciate just how easy it is to use Jaaxy

Here is a snapshot of a typical keyword search using Jaaxy FREE. Right click on the image and open in a new window to see it more clearly.


As you can see I typed in my keyword “What is a keyword research tooland the results for this keyword are very favorable and indicate that it is a good keyword for a blog post or page. This keyword has the potential to attract lots of traffic because it is contextual, has relatively low competition and it also has a pretty good SEO score.

  • Avg 3159
  • Traffic 538
  • QSR 28
  • KQI Has a green dot
  • SEO 87

What Do The Metrics Show Us?

  • Avg? ….This is the average amount of searches that the keyword phrase receives each month. As a guide, aim to pick keywords that have more than 100 searches.
  • Traffic?….This is estimated number of visitors to your blog if your blog post appears on the first page of the search engines results.
  • QSR? …. This is the number of competing sites that are ranked in Google for the exact keyword phrase. As a guide, aim for a QSR of under 300. The lower the number, the better.
  • KQI? …If it’s a green dot next to the keyword, the keyword is good and recommended for use.
  • SEO? … This is a score based on the amount of search engine traffic, nature and quality of the keyword and it’s competition. The higher the score, the better for ranking on the first page of Google. Aim for a score as close to 100 as possible.

Jaxxy Video Walk-Through

Google and other search engines are around because of “content” and if you can deliver quality content that targets low competition keywords, then you will be able to get ranked.

If you’d like more info then watch this video walk-through to see how Jaxxy really works.

Try finding some keywords for yourself in the box below:

Some Keyword Tools Can Be Difficult To Use

If like me, you have tried and tested a few different keyword tools, you will have noticed how expensive and confusing the results can be.

Often keyword tools can provide too much information, which at first may seem impressive. Though in reality all this info can be a load of chaff that may be of little use to you when conducting your own keyword research. Remember to concentrate on the fundamentals of keyword research and above all else, try your best to deliver great content.

I believe that you’ll find Jaxxy to be a cost effective Keyword tool that is easy to use and will give you amazing results.

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