Wealthy Affiliate In Review

I’ve now been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for more than 5 years so I feel I’m in a pretty good position to give a review of WA. So here it is, an updated Wealthy Affiliate in review for 2020 that I hope you’ll find to be a different take than all the other Wealthy Affiliate reviews out there. I hope to cover the good, the bad and the downright ugly!

The Good Wealthy Affiliate In Review

LEARN AT WAI’m often asked this question and sometimes I find it pretty hard to come up with a convincing answer that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch.

So here it is and it’s not something that everyone wants to hear. But the best thing about The Wealthy Affiliate Membership is that there is an absolute ton of learning to be done. And of course it all takes time.

It’s certainly possible to learn how to make extra income with Wealthy Affiliate. And sure the Wealthy Affiliate training is comprehensive and works very well. But! The truth is, there is so much information to ingest that it’s going to take a long time to work through it all and most people including myself find it can be time consuming and overwhelming to start with. Having said that I should add that the although the training is vast, the tutorials and videos are very clear and easy to follow.

The FREE lessons at Wealthy Affiliate In Review

There are an absolute ton of lessons and tutorials available in the Paid Membership, but the FREE membership also has lots of tutorials and videos to get you started.

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Online Entrepreneur Certification – Level 1

wealthy affiliate in review lesson1This is part of the Free training and comprises 10 lessons complete with easy to follow videos and tutorials to enable you to get your website up and running.

There’s quite a few hours work here, but I seem to remember that I could complete each lesson of level 1 in a couple of hours after work each evening. So depending on your circumstances allow about 20 hours computer work to get through the initial training. It’s also important to repeat the lesson to catch anything that you have missed.

Lesson 1 – Get Rolling

This is where you complete your account setup and start learning about how the Wealthy Affiliate platform and community work. You then get to set your goals and start your training.

You will be offered a chance to upgrade to the Premium membership, but there is no need upgrade at this stage. I recommend that you finish the FREE training first before you even think about going Premium.

Lesson 2 – How to make money online

This is where you learn how the affiliate marketing process works as a business model

Lesson 3 – Choosing a niche

This is where you discover what is a niche and how you can build an online business around a niche. You’ll also find some help on choosing a niche.

Lesson 4 – Building your own niche site

This is where you can start building your own 2 FREE websites using the SiteRubix platform. This is a great facility to get started and play around as test sites. You can even use these sites for business purposes, but these sites ultimately are owned by The Wealthy Affiliate. You would be far better served by purchasing your own domain names for your own business’s.

Lesson 5 – Setting up your website

This is where you’ll learn how to set up your sites and operate the back-end of your WordPress website. You’ll activate the required plugins and set your SEO settings. You’ll create pages and posts and embed videos and images and optimize your content for site speed.

Lesson 6 – Getting your site ready for search engines

One of the plugins that you activated in the previous lesson will now be used to set up the on-site SEO (Search engine optimization) aspects of your business site. This is essential information for anyone building and operating a website!

Lesson 7 – Creating your website content

You’ll discover how to become an effective blogger and how this essential to your affiliate marketing business success.

Lesson 8 – Creating custom menus

You’ll learn how to create a clean looking website utilizing custom menus to display your pages in a functional user friendly way. 

Lesson 9 – Keywords and how to use them

This is a critically important lesson because you’ll discover the importance of using keywords in your posts and pages to attract traffic to your sites. 

There’s actually a keyword tool called ‘Jaxxy Lite’ that is available for the first 7 days of your FREE membership so make use of it as much as you can. 

‘Jaxxy Lite’ is included in the paid membership and it’s one of the reasons that I’ve stayed with The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

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Lesson 10 – Congratulations you’ve done it!

10 Lessons Wealthy Affiliate in reviewThis is where you receive a well earned pat on the back and summary of all that you have achieved. You’ll also be given the option to “Unlock Level 2, the ultimate traffic training”.

But take care and read on there’s  something you really ought to know about before unlocking level 2.


Wealthy Affiliate Unlocked – Hold On!

Hold on there don’t jump straight in until you’ve thought through a few things. Because if you do you’ll be hit with the monthly fee! And who likes spending money unnecessarily.

Wealthy Affiliate Unlocked does offer great learning experiences, but you should be aware that you need to be in a position to take full advantage of all that’s available.

Its also important to understand that there is a slightly ugly trait of committing to the Paid Membership – See ‘The Ugly Wealthy Affiliate In Review’ heading below.

The monthly fee offers great value if you are ready for it, but it’s good money lost if you aren’t positioned to take advantage of challenge. So stay as a FREE member until you are ready to make the move.

One last thing, If you want to go premium but you can’t bring yourself to pay $50 a month then try and hang on until Black Friday so that you can take advantage of the $300 annual subscription. It’s an absolute steal and works out to $25 a month. This includes, free hosting for your websites, access to the ‘Jaxxy Lite’ keyword tool, the WA community and ALL the massive amount of up to date training.

Wealthy Affiliate Unlocked – Are You Ready?

Now that you’ve completed Lesson 1 and you’ve got a good understanding of the work involved. Are you fully prepared and committed to push on with the training and workload ?

Do You Have The Hardware?

Do you have all the equipment needed? A desktop computer, or a laptop is great, but a dual computer screen is an even better arrangement. It’s easy enough to do new posts on a phone or tablet, but it’s not so easy building websites with such small screens. Well hold on there and give some thought to the following points:

Can You Spare The Time?

  • Are you able to put aside a few of days of work to build your own business site? It doesn’t have to be a perfect site, it just needs to be functioning as outlined in the WA level 1 lessons.
  • Do you have the time to research and write at least a 1000 word blog post on a weekly basis? I’m not a natural writer so this has always been my most difficult challenges. I often spend a whole day writing a blog post. This includes adding graphics and constant edits. Some people can do it in an hour or so but for me it’s a slow and often frustrating process. I’m certainly more of a tortoise than a hare in the writing department….But I get there in the end!
  • Are you prepared to spend at least an hour doing some keyword research for each and every blog post? This is a really important aspect of blog writing because you will discover that having NO KEYWORDS = NO WEBSITE VISITORS. Keyword research tools come at a cost. Yes there are free keyword tools but they are clumsy to operate and  involve a lot of work to find keywords that will put your pages and posts on the front page of Google.

Be Prepared For Additional Costs

wealth affiliate in review risk free1. Domain Name

Please don’t be tempted into using a free domain name for you business site. Sure it’s cheap to build a site on a free domain. But it’s not 100% risk free because you will never have full ownership of a free domain name. This means that you will never have complete control of the any site you create that is based on a free domain. The parent domain owner can delete your content or site at anytime for any reason. The parent domain owner also has full control of the Ads that appear on your site.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS! Be prepared to purchase your Domain names for every business site that you are building. This costs about $12 annually and it guarantees that you are the registered owner of your sites!

I  now purchase all my domains from Namecheap because I find that dealing with Namecheap is very straightforward and there are no dodgy up-sells. WhoisGuard Privacy Protection is now free forever at Namecheap when you purchase a domain name.

You can also purchase your domains from WA, but this is one thing I like to keep separate.

2. Site Hosting

You’ll also need to host your sites which can cost you about $10 a month. I’ve found that Bluehost does a great job. However as a Premium member of WA I am very happy with the free hosting that they provide.

Do You Have The Skills?

If you are reading this now on a computer then you meet the basic skills requirements. We all have the skills needed to get an online business up and running.  However, someone who is lacking the current entry level computer skills will take a little longer to get to grips with all the new information.

The Bad Wealthy Affiliate In Review

As a free member you’ll see the opportunity to do the the first part of the Boot Camp course. The videos and tutorials are top quality and you are given step by step tasks. This training is designed so that you can take your time with each lesson and check them off as you go.

You are provided with 2 Free websites to get you started and this is fine for using to complete the Bootcamp course. You will also be given 30 FREE searches with Jaxxy so save these searches for realistic keyword searches. 

When you join the Affiliate Boot Camp you will be developing a website that will be promoting WA. It’s a great little course but it is flawed because it sounds oh so easy to succeed and make good commissions from promoting WA. The truth is far from that

The Problem With Promoting WA

The problem is that promoting WA is a highly overcrowded market and to put it simply you will have zero chance of success as an affiliate of WA unless you are absolutely driven to succeed by posting daily blogs jam packed with wondrous keywords. Sure some people succeed but many fall by the wayside and give up.

For example type “wealthy affiliate review” into google and you’ll get 83,400 results. Now type in “rabbit food review” and you’ll get 3,800 results.

The point I’m making is that there’s a hell of a lot of competition out there for Wealthy Affiliate commissions. As a newbie to internet marketing you’d be better served by pursuing an affiliate business based on a less competitive niche. We all love success and succeeding with in a less competitive niche will be much easier and give you confidence that all the WA learning is working for you. I just used “rabbit food review” as an example, please don’t accept that rabbit food reviews may be a good niche. Here’s a little more info on finding a niche.

The Ugly Wealthy Affiliate In Review

To be honest here there’s not much to talk about here, but I’d like you to be aware that once you commit to the Paid/ Premium membership THERE IS NO GOING BACK TO THE FREE MEMBERSHIP!

I repeat, if you opt out of the paid membership then you can’t go back to the FREE membership. You are simply locked out until you pay the money!

This can be a great inconvenience particular if :

  • You are hosting your sites at Wealthy Affiliate (I do and it’s included free with the paid membership)
  • Your domains are registered with WA 

The Wealthy Affiliate is a great all in one shop for everything you’ll need to create and run an online business. That said, I still like to keep my domain registration (ownership) separate from WA.

A Cost effective Membership Of Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate unlocked Premium Membership does cost money and if you are trying to keep cost’s down you may be interested in a cost effective membership plan.

Let’s face it we can’t all devote the time and energy that we’d like to developing our online businesses. So here’s a strategy for being a paid member while at the same time keeping costs down:

  • Learn all that you can from the FREE Membership.
  • The paid membership is a monthly payment which you have complete control over. So only pay for the months that you are able to use it.
  • Host your sites outside of WA and do monthly blocks of training when time permits.
  • Develop your websites between these blocks of  training. During this time you solve your online problems simply by Googling for solutions. All the information is out there, you just need to know what you are looking for. 

What is the Wealthy Affiliate todaySucceed With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate’s success is built on putting it all together in easy to follow videos and tutorials. This saves a hell of a lot of time struggling on your own in what seems like a sea of good and bad information. Bad information can be detrimental to the success of your websites. So it’s very important to steer clear of any bad information that may be freely available with a Google search.

To be honest the Wealthy Affiliate isn’t perfect, the site has a massive store of information and a small portion of the older info may be outdated. Rest assured though that any Bad information has been weeded out and deleted , or updated. You will not find any bad information at the Wealthy Affiliate. If you follow the tutorials to the letter you will not damage the future viability of your web sites. 

Learn how to make extra income with Wealthy Affiliate!

Check out the The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership  for yourself

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