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You’ll find the Wealthy Affiliate in Australia, in India, in the UK and in the USA – In fact it’s available just about anywhere in the world, for anyone who’s looking for information on how to get started with their own online business.

Wealthy Affiliate LLC is a registered company based in the USA that services the world. There are a lot of members that are based in Australia. But as far as I know there isn’t a group that actively meets in person to exchange their ideas and improve their websites.

WEALTHY AFFILIATE IN AUSTRALIA - ULURUHowever I’ve contacted and made a few Aussie friends within WA, we chat on the WA platform and exchange marketing information from time to time. But most of my WA contacts are from the States or the UK.

Strictly speaking Wealthy Affiliate in Australia is non existent, but there is no shortage of Aussie members who you can contact to exchange ideas within the WA platform.

My Own Internet Income

My wife and I are travel junkies and have been for the last 35 years and so when I hit retirement over 5 years ago I committed myself to earning a full time income online. This all sounds very good  but our urge for travel adventures has had an impact on my earnings.

I am generating income but to be perfectly honest it’s not a huge income, it’s what I would call a part time income. This is because I haven’t been fully prepared to put in the hard work and effort needed to ensure I get a high income.

Let’s face it! We are not all driven to succeed and I recognize that I am not driven to succeed myself. But it doesn’t stop me from doing what I can and succeeding at a lower level.

Using My Own Time

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my working life sitting at a computer, so I’m happy to spend a few hours a week to earn a part time income.

I try to use my time wisely. Life isn’t all about money, it’s about how you spend your time by being there for family and friends and taking the time to look after yourself. Time is precious, it’s your most valuable asset, even more valuable than money. and at as we get older time starts to run out..

I do know though that if I was prepared to put in 20 hours a week into my online business then  know that slowly I’d ramp up my earnings to a healthy full time income. If I had the drive to work at it for 8 hours a day I could easily earn a full time income

Niche Sites And Travel

Road out bush in AustraliaWe’ve had many trips overseas particularly over the last 5 years. In fact we’ve just come back from a wonderful six week 8000 km driving and camping trip from Brisbane up through Mt Isa to Tennant Creek, then down to Uluru. Then onto Port Augusta, the Flinders ranges, Broken Hill and back to Brisbane. It was a trip that I wasn’t really looking forward to as I’m not too happy with driving up to 8 hours a day. But after a few days I settled into it and really enjoyed all aspects of the holiday.

The Great news is that I was able to login to my Wealthy Affiliate traveling around Australia and to keep an eye on my niche sites. My online earnings continued to flow even while we were out bush without internet or even phone service. It gave me great pleasure to check on my earnings every few days and see the money accumulating.

Creating A Steady Income

‘Internet Marketing’ isn’t a term that I like to use too much because it does have negative connotations for many people. But let’s face it we’ve all imagined that we’d like to create a steady income with as little effort as possible.

Online marketing tabletAt first glance an internet marketing business appears to fit the bill. It all sounds so easy and straightforward. The truth is though it takes a lot of work and commitment to create any business that is sustainable and cash-flow positive.

An Internet based business is no different than the traditional bricks and mortar business model in that without thorough research, training and a massive amount of effort you’re efforts are bound to fail. I know this to be true because I’ve failed myself….many times.

Is Failure An Option?

Failure is definitely an option if you start off on the wrong foot. I know this first hand as in my early days I fell for a couple of scams that cost a little money. But more importantly these distractions cost me a lot of time and wasted effort. And really it’s the time that you can never get back!

So let’s talk about how you can get started with Internet marketing safely without falling for any scams

First off, are you prepared to write an article like this one at least once a week? If you are happy to put the time in and create original content, then you are capable of creating a web based marketing blog.

If you can’t put the work in for one reason or another, then you’ll be destined for failure, unless you are happy to work slowly  and earn money. Not that failure is really such a terrible thing because you may find other avenues for your talents on your marketing journey..

As explained earlier I’m not hardest working internet marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, I know this because I often chat to more successful members in Australia and overseas.

I confess that I generally spend less than 10 hours working a week!! But this works for me and my efforts generate enough money to get live on and fund my overseas travels. That said, the more time that you are prepared to put in the greater the rewards.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

So let me tell you a little about Wealthy Affiliate. You probably already know that Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that provides affiliate marketing training for all of its members.

There is a paid membership and also a free membership.

Paid Membership

As a paid member you have access to unlimited amount of training and it’s basically a one stop shop for all your Affiliate marketing needs. I choose to be a paid member because the site provides all my internet marketing needs and for me it’s great to have everything I need in one spot. My annual grandfathered in payment is only $300 US a year…. Which works out to $25 a month. This is a wonderful bargain considering that it includes massive amounts of training, all my website hosting and a simple keyword tool that works brilliantly and is very effective.

Free Membership

However as a free member you also have plenty of excellent training to get yourself started. this training is totally free and you can actually stay as a free member forever.

I always recommend to my referrals that they stay a free member as long as they need, or at least until they are familiar with all the facilities available to them at wealthy affiliate. There is absolutely no pressure to upgrade to the paid membership at any time. I have quite a number of referrals that have opted to stay as a free members for more than 3 years.

I have done a short review of the Wealthy Affiliate free membership here if you sign up as a free member I can contact you on the WA platform and I’ll be able to help you in your first week at the site. I’ll also be able to send you some amazing additional information that can be worked through at the same time that you are doing your initial wealthy affiliate training.

Keep in mind that you do not need to pay for the monthly subscription to wealthy affiliate you can stay completely free.

However if you do choose to go for the paid membership that’s fine because I actually get a commission for you as a referral.

Beware Of Other Programs

If you decide to go with another program other than Wealthy Affiliate then choose carefully, do lot’s of research before you hand over your cash.

Let’s get on side, let’s get Internet marketing and start a business. Pay the money and see you on the inside…Sounds familiar? This is the call to action of many Internet marketing programs that are available at present. Many of these business startup programs are very compelling and tempting to sign up. But buyer beware, step carefully and don’t buy into programs that insist that you’ll miss out on the special offer in the next 24 hours.

Wealthy Affiliate Australia

In summary, Wealthy Affiliate in Australia may not exist as a stand alone site. But Wealthy Affiliate as a US based site has got got something like 80,000 members worldwide. All these members enjoy the community benefits of an Internet marketing university. Rest assured that if you sign up for a free account you’ll also be a part of that same community.

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