The best Jobs For Baby Boomers

The best Jobs For Baby Boomers

Lucky Baby Boomers.

lucky boomersFirst off, I’m a baby boomer and yes as a generation we were lucky. However, I do have some pride in my generation, I feel we achieved a lot in such a short time, though I must admit that it was to a large extent not due to any of my efforts.

The changes in society came about in the sixties due to the efforts of a relatively small bunch of activists who demanded change and we, the herd, thinking it was trendy just followed.

It was a time to grow your hair, wear floral shirts and look like a hippie, though we all went home and sat with our parents in the evening watching TV. We were part time hippies ranting about Vietnam and the rolling stones. Most of us didn’t read a jot about Vietnam or even know where it was.

I was backpacking on a shoestring around the Indian Sub-Continent and South East Asia in 1972  and I could see that Bangkok was full of American servicemen. I knew Indochina was off limits to me as a backpacker and to be honest I wasn’t that interested at the time. I have to admit to not knowing what really was going on in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It’s only in recent years that I’ve woken up to the horrors of that war.

So where are we now! The baby boomers with awesome reputations are are really much like everyone else. You can go online and find heaps of information about baby boomers, but a lot of it doesn’t apply to the average boomer. Some of us are hugely successful and others are just scraping by.

Baby Boomers 2014

Forget the official figures, If you were born between 1945 and 1965 you can consider yourself to be a Baby Boomer. That means you are between the age of 50 and 70 in 2014.

Most of us Boomers are retired, heading for retirement, or starting to think of retirement.

With the onset of retirement most active Boomers will be looking to change their lifestyle and start “living” again. Some of us will want to turn back the clock and attend to unfinished business like travel or missed adventures. Whatever we are after, we will need to take action, as retirement is not a static place to vegetate. It’s a place to live again, start afresh, learn new skills and pay it forward!

A large number of us do not have enough savings to provide ourselves with the lifestyle that we have been accustomed to, or the lifestyle that we dream about. But, we are an entrepreneurial lot and some of us will develop cash flows, hopefully with low risk ventures, or even risk free ventures. We are old enough to realize that to achieve our dreams we need the finances to pay our way.

Others, more desperate,will blow their finances chasing high returns in risky ventures to generate income. I say to you guys take care and look at the options outlined on this site, before risking your hard earned cash.

The Best Jobs For Baby Boomers

It must be said that the best jobs for baby boomers, or the best jobs for retirees are the jobs that you as a baby boomer or retiree can control and keep for the long term. This statement also applies for work done for paid or non financial gain.

I believe that it’s true to say that the only sure way to maintain control is for you to start your own business and maintain it for as long as you wish. This will ensure that you can enjoy a sense of job security and purpose.

The easiest business for anyone to start up is an online business. Starting your own online business might sound like a huge challenge. But, believe me it’s not, it just takes hard work and commitment to setup your business and start earning. As Baby Boomers we have a wealth of knowledge and life experience that we can draw on to create and manage our business to ensure our success.

If you are not looking to earn income, then your business could be a not for profit venture that you could develop to serve the global or local community. The possibilities are endless!

It needs to be said that it usually takes about three months before any decent earnings are generated. So planning for this initial lack of income will need to be taken into consideration, otherwise you may become disheartened and frustrated.

Please take a look at another post of mine: Affiliate Marketing For Baby Boomers, this should give you some further info on how to go about things.

The best place to get all the necessary training for online marketing is the Wealthy Affiliate, take a look, it’s risk free and it will cost you nothing. If you are up to the task take a look at my steps to success and get started with your new business today. Believe me, it’s by far one of the best jobs for baby boomers that you’ll find anywhere.