How To Start With Affiliate Marketing

steps to successLet me be completely honest with you. There are many online Guru’s that claim to teach you how to start with affiliate Marketing.

Some so called Guru’s will lead you on routes that will be long and winding, while other Guru’s will proclaim much shorter routes to success. However, it’s my own experience that the apparent short routes can lead you to dismal failure and loss of money.

Please don’t be tempted to get your websites and landing pages up and running as quickly as possible. This is the route that I first took a few years ago under the guidance of a “Guru” and it cost me plenty in both time and money.

The “Guru’s” plan was for me to set up my sites using his FREE website templates and then I was to advertise like crazy……Believe me, this was a costly exercise in throwing money away. When I did eventually drop out of his scheme I completely lost all the work I had put into my sites.

Doing It Alone v Getting A Little Help

choose your pathThe only SUSTAINABLE way to generate income on the internet is to create your business from scratch using free methods of traffic generation. These free methods will generate visitors to your sites for many years to come.

In fact, I’m still receiving visitors to one of my sites from a blog post that I did over two years ago and it’s possible that I may still be receiving traffic to this post in another two years. Choose your own path, do it alone, or get a little help from experienced people who have done it all before.

Doing It Alone

Strictly speaking, you can start your own online business by doing it all alone. Basically, all you need to do is to create a website, start blogging, find some suitable affiliate products to promote and your business doors are open.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? But, you will still need to know what you are doing to make a success of it. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time making the mistakes that I initially made. It’s also true to say that you don’t need a lot to get started, in fact, all you need to start your own online business is:

  • A registered website domain ($15/year)
  • A Web Hosting plan ($10/month)
  • Some products to promote (free)
  1. Having your own registered website domain ensures that you are the registered owner of the the business. No one can take it from you, you have complete control of your site and all the site content that you create is yours.
  2. Having a web hosting plan will put your site up on the web and keep it there.
  3. Having some products to promote will create the business income that you are working hard to create.

You may ask “why can’t I use a free website that includes hosting”? Well, many free sites don’t allow the promotion of affiliate products. But, the main reason to steer clear of these sites is that you never get to own the site. The site belongs to the provider and ultimately you can even lose control of the content on your site.

Get A Little Help And Succeed

Learn how to start with affiliate marketing by getting the best help and training possible with The Wealthy Affiliate. Doing this will bring all the parts together to ensure that you succeed. Proper up to date training will set you on the right path without wasting any of your precious time and money.

If you are new to Internet Marketing, or if you really aren’t achieving your online goals, then I highly recommend that you take the steps outlined below to learn the ropes. The Wealthy Affiliate may not always have the totally free entry point, but if you sign up now you are guaranteed your free membership for life. This really is the one stop shop where you can Learn how to make money and buy freedom, completely risk-free.

It’s up to you, if you are prepared to put in the work, then you will succeed at some level, depending on your training and your level of effort. If you don’t put in the work then failure will mean that you have wasted your time…… and time can never be replaced.

5 Steps To A Successful Internet Business

Visit Wealthy Affiliate and start your own risk-free business ventures online:

  1. Open a Free Starter Account with the Wealthy Affiliate and join the community.
  2. Fill out your profile details at Wealthy Affiliate.
  3. Hit the green “Get Started Here” button at the Wealthy Affiliate main page.
  4. Work your way through the Online Entrepreneur Certification training lessons and create your free websites.
  5. Work your way through the Affiliate Bootcamp training lesson

Just click the image below to see what your Wealthy Affiliate Starter account front page will look like. Hit the “get started button here” button on the front page to get things rolling.
 Completing the above steps may take a few days or weeks, but do it in your own time, there’s no need to rush. At the end of this time, you will have two free websites set up, just like this one, but of your own design.

Allow yourself time to enjoy all the free lessons and follow all the instructions without trying to cut any corners. I’ll make contact with you at the Wealthy Affiliate soon after you open a starter account. I’d like you to know that I’ll be there to help you in any way that I can.

This website is a free site and I like to use it as an example of what you can create in a very short space of time. Setting up this site took me less than thirty minutes. Adding the content took a few days and is ongoing, mainly because my typing skills are just about zero.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started course.

This course will get you setup and also give you some great ideas for picking your own niche, or website subject matter. Here is a video showing you just how easy it is to set up your first website in less than 30 (1)

My site here is about starting out online for free. I will only ever write about free methods of starting an online business. I do this because I believe it’s the best way to build a solid base. Yes, you can certainly use paid methods to promote your sites, but build a solid base of free traffic first.

Wealthy AffiliateIf you have any hobbies, interests or business sense you will certainly be able to select a niche that suits you.

It’s possible to make money online with just about any niche, so be mindful that you should choose a niche that you are interested in. It may be cats, dogs, music, martial arts, meditation, whatever you are passionate about. It’s our passions that keep us going and give us a sense of self. Your life circumstances may change, but your passions will stay with you.

The online world is just like the real world, the same opportunities are there for the taking. Build your own free website and you can reach out with your creative ideas and passions to the far off corners of the planet.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Course

This is the place to learn ‘How To Start With Affiliate Marketing’! This course will help you to set up any affiliate program, in fact, I consider it a must for anyone wishing to do affiliate marketing. You may choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate and develop a site similar to mine which is based on the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp course.

wealthy Affiliate

  • Understand The WA Affiliate Program Opportunity
  • Learn how to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals
  • Discover How To Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Generate Income
  • Build Your Own Successful Authority Website
  • Creating a Massively Successful Affiliate Campaign

Wealthy Affiliate caters to all levels from a brand newbie to someone that is running an already successful business. When you get access to the member’s area you are quickly going to be immersed in the community. It may be a little daunting at first because there is so much content to work through. But, hang in there and work your way through the lessons. Above all else, enjoy yourself and follow your passions in the knowledge that you are on the road to success.

Starter Membership v Premium Membership

As you can see below, there is a starter membership and a premium membership. I recommend going for the starter membership for at least three months, or until you have created your own income generating websites. Free membership is a lifetime membership and there is no pressure to go premium.


Refer Others To Wealthy Affiliate

Follow the step-by-step video based training on how to build a successful business by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate. Spread the word by getting started with the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Today!

As a starter member you can earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.25 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions.

A Final Note

As a final note I’d like you to know that I was a free member for a little over twelve months and to be honest I never completed the free lessons until about six months into my membership. I, unfortunately, became distracted with a couple of MLM schemes and lost my way for a while.

It’s very easy to become distracted in this industry, as there are so many glitzy programs out there after your money. If you are looking for a sustainable business, then put your blinkers on and let the Wealthy Affiliate community be your guide.

I eventually found my way back to Wealthy Affiliate mid-2013 and completed the lessons and created my free websites. I started to get some good traffic to my sites so I decided to become a premium member in Feb 2014.