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Site Rubix Site Content

This is a very quick Ad Hoc review of the Site Content at Wealthy Affiliate program. Site Rubix Site Content is a recent addition to the Wealthy Affiliate Membership set of tools. I have been a member of WA for a number of years and this is the first time that I have tried out this facility. For an in depth explanation on how to use this facility take a look at this lesson.

Site Content At Wealthy Affiliate snipI plan on using ‘Site Content’ for a forthcoming trip to Europe where we’ll be on the move for sixty days.

We’ll be traveling light, so I will only be taking my Samsung Tablet and a keyboard to manage my sites.

I have already tried using the tablet and the keyboard and it seems to work fine. Though it’s a bit fiddly trying to get images to line up as I want, but then perfection is not one of my strong points.

The beauty of using this app is that I can just type and easily add photos without constantly going from page to page of different sites ,which I have difficulty doing with a tablet or a phone. There’s also a spell/grammar checker that seems to be picking up most of my obvious mistakes, of which there are plenty especially when using the voice input on the tablet.

The good news is that as both a Starter (Free) member and as Premium member, you have access to the Site Content platform at Wealthy Affiliate. This platform offers you some incredible features as a writer that will blow you away…

You can learn to earn at Wealthy Affiliate. The resources available are limited for free Wealthy Affiliate members. However, if you upgrade to paid membership the resources are limitless.

get Site Content At Wealthy AffiliateUsing The Snipping Tool

Using the snipping tool is so easy with this program, I am really pleased with the results. Here’s a snippet of what I have just written. There is also an option to input Alt text and add a link prior to inserting the image.

Inserting Photos

There are an amazing 1,000,000 free photos to choose from in the Wealthy Affiliate data base. This facility just blows me away because it makes adding free images to blog posts so easy. As an example I’ll just add a few photos of some of the places that we are planning to visit

Seoul photo


Seoul is my first destination after leaving Brisbane. We are staying there for three nights……

I’ve heard so many good reports about Seoul….can’t wait to hit the street food scene.


Then We Are Heading For Europe

rome photo Site content


We’ll be staying in Rome for three nights.
Sure this is a quick visit to a great city, but you can only do so much. And we have a lot of ground to cover in 60 days.



venice photo

Aaaaahhh!!! Venice

What a place to visit, who wouldn’t want to visit Venice?






Zagreb photoWe’ll be traveling by bus to Zagreb, this is a bit of a mystery city for us, but again we are planning to stay 3 nights, though we’ll not book any accommodation or travel until we decide to leave Venice. Zagreb will be the start of our train travel through eastern Europe



budapest p[hoto


Arriving by train, can’t wait to visit this city and yes it’s only three nights here as well.




vienna winter shotVienna

We’ll be here for a five night stay, mainly because we are including a day trip to Salzburg by train and a day trip to Bratislava by a fast ferry on the Danube river.




I’ve been wanting to go to Prague for over fifty years since I was about sixteen. For many of those years the Eastern bloc countries were off limits to backpackers and the same can be said for Indo China. I’m now doing some catch-up. I’ve spent a few months in Vietnam Cambodia and Laos and I’m looking forward to a great trip in Easter Europe.



This is our last stop in mainland Europe. We are then off to visit family and friends in the United Kingdom for a couple of weeks before returning to Rome via Spain and France.



Site Content At Wealthy Affiliate

I’m very happy with the ease and simplicity of using ‘Site Content’ All that remains is to see how well this all translates to my blog.

Site Content to WordPress Blog

I’ve now published the post to this blog using the Site Content platform. Although the post needs a bit of a tidy up I’ve decided to leave the above text and images as they have been been translated across to WordPress. I hope that this gives you some idea as to how useful Site Content can be, yes there are a few glitches, it’s not perfect, but it works exceedingly well.

Site Content offers you some terrific features that will make your life as a “blogger” much more easy, efficient and fun. Some of it’s key features are as follows:

  1. 100’s of critical grammar and spelling checks
  2. Duplicate content checker
  3. Automated publishing directly to your website
  4. Writing goals and accomplishments
  5. SEO analysis and checks
  6. Content structure analysis
  7. Ability to template content
  8. Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  9. Access to 1,000,000 + images
  10. One stop shop for blogging.

You can learn to earn at Wealthy Affiliate, why not try it out for free? and discover how you can earn online.

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