Principles Of Blogging Success

Principles Of Blogging Success

The Martial Art Of Wing Chun

And Blogging Success

Many years ago I practiced the martial art of Wing Chun. It was great fun to enjoy friendly combat with people from all walks of life and all types of physical make-ups. I loved the action and contact as it was very different from anything else I’d done. There were a few injuries, bruises, a bloodied nose and even a few broken ribs, mainly as a result of over zealous actions by myself.

wing chun One of the major tenets of Wing Chun is that you should always attack as directly and efficiently as possible, without using physical brute strength. There is to be no blocking, dodging or stepping back. The only way to move backwards was to be knocked backwards and remain in an attacking forward moving stance at all times.

This attacking stratagy generally translates to attacking the centreline of your opponent and holding and working your arms to produce punches aimed at your opponents centreline. The benefit of this method of attack is that the arms moving along the centreline will deliver punches but they’ll also be in the most efficient position to protect you from oncoming, or roundhouse blows.

The important lesson here is that most males just can’t help themselves from using their strength. This use of strength causes them to deviate from the basic principle of only attacking the opponents centreline. Once they deviate from the centreline attack they go off the centreline and expose their weakness. Any good Wing Chun exponent can take advantage of this situation with devastating speed and power.

As Training Progressed

After a few months of training the males in the group were all surprised at the progress of the females in the class. They succeeded better than the males because they tended to rely solely on technique rather than their brute strength.

At this point in time some of the males had done enough training to comprehend that good technique is superior to brute force. These individuals then relearned their new skills and adjusted their attacks to suit. Their techniques where now pretty much as the females had started out.

The guys that didn’t adjust their tactics lost heart because they were now being beaten by people who where often much weaker. These guys then went on to drop out on the brink of success, they started to look at other forms of martial art where their strength may be more useful.

The point is that they were just about to learn one of the great secrets of learning Wing Chun and for that matter many other things in life. That is that: To learn anything sometimes you need to unlearn before you can move forward and succeed. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that these guys went from one martial art to another and never became proficient in any of them.

Principles Of Blogging Success

The same fundamentals apply to just about anything you attempt. If you stick to the basic principles of success you will succeed.

Do your basic training, practice and practice some more. Be prepared to put in the work, because all this hard work is laying down your road to success.

Principles Of Blogging SuccessLearn the basic principles of blogging success, get the best basic training and follow the principles of blogging. That is, ensure your site is SEO compatible, choose your keywords with care and Blog as regularly and as often as you can to build your audience.

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A Little More About Wing Chun

Take a look at this short documentary about Wing Chun. The film shows how we can use Wing Chun and its philosophies to improve our daily life, as well as investigating its claims to be scientifically based.

The star of the film is Master Lui Ming Fai, a student of Master Ho Kam Ming and descendant of the Great Grandmaster of Wing Chun, Ip Man.

Master Lui takes us through the forms of Wing Chun as well as sharing his insightinto to its effectiveness and practicality.

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