The Best Part Time Jobs Near Me

The best part time time jobs near me​ are few and far between and very hard to come by. In fact when I retired and needed one some years ago I couldn’t find one anywhere close by.

After much searching around I gave up on the idea of trying to find a part time job close to home.

But luckily after doing some research online I discovered that the best paying part time jobs near me were right here under my nose, on my very own computer!

Sure there are part time jobs in the neighborhood and even some part time jobs based from home. But the closest jobs available are on your computer.

First off though, let me talk about part time jobs in your neighborhood.​

Part Time Jobs In your neighborhood

​​Whatever your neighborhood looks like, good part time jobs in your neighborhood are in high demand and hard to get.

But, if you are lucky enough to have one, or get one then it can be very convenient and a great fit for your lifestyle.

The problem is that these jobs never seem to last for a long time – they are always in very high demand.

Sometimes the employee can be taken for granted and maybe even overlooked when the available hours are handed out.

Sure the job can start well, but as the business evolves or the job market changes you may find yourself working inconvenient hours.

You may even find yourself working reduced hours that suit your employer rather than you. This is a common scenario in the part time job market. If you need a part time job now and you’re looking close to your neighborhood then do your best to get it.

Other part time work options:

  • ​Part time jobs from home
  • A part time job online
  • And best of all! A part time business online

Part Time Jobs From Home

​My Wife runs a part time job/business health related clinic from home.

I’ve built her a website that’s dedicated for local traffic. Her clients are now being referred by word of mouth. She only wants to work part time​, so we have decided to take the website down for a while, otherwise she’s just turning clients away.

Having a part time job where you work from home has its advantages and disadvantages, its up and downs. And as time goes by and your needs change, these fluctuations in whether it works for you, or not, change also.

My wife works part time from home as a registered natural health care therapist and for her, working from home is mostly an advantage. She usually sees four or five clients each week and a consultation for each client can take up to two hours for their initial consultation but then occasionally just 15 minutes for a quick follow up and chat.

​The Pros and Cons Of Working From Home

​The Pros…

The advantages of working from home are obvious …..

​Firstly and most importantly, there aren’t any expenses that need to be paid out every month to rent a room from which to run your business. And the second important aspect is that of time….Clients come to the home which means you have more time to spend at home, this especially applies and is important if you have a family and lead a busy life. You can book clients in when it suits you and your lifestyle and my wife has found that this works very well for her and her clients.

Having said that you do not need to rent premises, there will likely be an extra insurance premium to pay to cover you for Public Liability Insurance so that is something to discuss with your Insurer.

Parking also needs to be provided….in my wife’s case, she has asked her clients to drive up to the house which gives off street parking. This is not always available, of course, and so needs to be considered when setting up a business from home.

If you have a space or room just inside the front door to your home that you could use as your work space this is a huge advantage. It means that clients don’t have to walk through your home to get to the where the meeting takes place. My wife uses a room immediately inside the front door and this makes the workplace much more professional and in many ways, not like a home based business which may appear unprofessional.

The Cons….

The main concern my wife has is that her clients, if they need to use the bathroom at any time during the consultation, they have to walk through the kitchen and dining area to reach the bathroom. It’s not a good look if there is a mess in this area and often, particularly with a family, this is the case.

​This means that dishes need to be done, floors need to be clean and the whole area needs to be tidy and clean. This can be a real disadvantage as it’s not always possible to ensure these areas are as they need to be when a client walks through to the bathroom.


My wife also finds that advertising her business is a problem. She is a very private person and doesn’t like the immediate neighbors knowing who is coming and going from the house.

If premises were rented to run a part time business, advertising would be easier. Perhaps with a blackboard outside or having the ability to hand out flyers to passers by.

Peace & Quiet

Keeping the house quiet and calm could be an issue too if you have a family, particularly young children, not yet at school.

From my wife’s perspective, she finds the advantages of being flexible with working hours, not having to leave home to go to work and not having to rent premises far outweighs the disadvantages of working out of home. Especially given that she only sees a few clients each week and even closes the business for a few weeks each year if needed.

Working part time and having a home based business is a personal choice really and there are many factors to weigh up and consider. So if you are thinking around this idea, perhaps write down a list of all the pros and cons before you make your own decision.

Part Time Jobs Online

Part time jobs near me are on my computer

Part time jobs online generally fall into two categories, either working for someone else as an employee, or working for yourself as a business owner.

The good news is there’s no shortage of part time jobs online. Just do a simple Google search and you’ll find hundreds of them.

The problem is though many of these jobs can be very low paid. I fact the pay can be so low that you don’t even get paid.

Some of the jobs on offer are even downright scams​. So take care when you are choosing an online employer.

​Survey Sites

A lot of the online jobs are survey sites. I personally don’t like survey sites, but generally they are legitimate – Check out some of the reviews to be sure before signing up. You can make money doing surveys, it’s not a huge income stream, but it’s certainly part time.

The biggest problem with these online survey sites is that the amount of income you can earn is limited. In fact you’ll not be making much money at all. This is only worthwhile if you enjoy doing them. Sometimes you’ll only make a couple of dollars for 15 minutes work, that’s OK if it’s just a bit of fun. But, there’s much much lucrative ways to make an income and that’s with your own online business.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Data entering is the process of transferring information from one format to another.

This sort of work requires a good typing speed of 70 wpm or more. I’d find it difficult to earn an easy living in this business as I only type with two fingers.

Even with good typing skills the pay ranges from only $5 – $15 per hour.

The other downside is that these jobs are in high demand, so the competition is pretty stiff. Which means that you may be waiting in a long queue for work to be handed out to you.

Here are a few links to some well established data entry businesses.

Bear in mind that the pay is very low and there are better ways for you to make money online with your own online business.

The Best Paying Part Time Jobs Near Me

Without a doubt, the best paying part time jobs near me are of my own creation. I have been able to create my own part time online businesses that deliver income streams from multiple sources… And there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do the same.

I’m not now talking about joining up with some MLM program that insists that it’s your own business. Sure, you can make money from some of the better programs. But and it’s a big BUT, there are a lot of so called MLM programs out there that are complete scams.

I know this to be true because in my early days online I fell for a few of them… Okay I didn’t lose a lot of money, what I did lose was a lot of energy and time.

My Own Part Time Businesses

This website and my other sites are my own business creations. The success of my sites for better or worse is completely in my hands.

My websites didn’t cost a lot a lot of money to set up, nor do they cost a lot of money to maintain. But, they do take a lot of work to create the original content (pages and posts) to succeed. This is partly because I’m not a natural writer, the words simply do not fly off the keyboard.

​I’m now retired but I have a lot happening in my life, who said retirement was easy? So for me this is business is definitely a part time business​ that I enjoy doing in my spare time. It fits in well with family life. Because my wife also likes to keep her own business from home as a part time venture.

Having said that, if I had the need and desire I could certainly ramp up my workload to increase my income if it was needed. Because in this business the income is directly related to the effort.

My businesses are based around:

  • Affiliate Marketing Training (this site)
  • Health and Safety
  • Hypnotherapy + NLP
  • Guitars
  • I also buy and resell on classified Ad sites …This is more of a hobby of mine.

The truth is that earning money online takes a goodly amount of time and effort. You will have a much better chance of success if you follow a proven method to follow the path. Success certainly won’t come overnight, because it will take time for your business to gain traction.

The Best Part Time Jobs For Seniors

I truly believe that the best part time jobs for seniors are available online. I say this because I believe that we have such a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be passed on.

The amazing thing is you can carry on working and earning for as long as you like. As long as you can see the screen and tap out a few posts you’re in business.

The best paying part time jobs near me can be found in your own online business. The key to success whether you are a senior or not is to keep learning and keep trying. It’s not going to be easy and there’s a lot to learn. But if you are willing to give it your best shot you’ll succeed.

Perhaps sometime in the future I will pass on my sites to my children. Because I know they are going to be a lot better at it than me.

This is one of the great things about having an online business. It’s just like a real world bricks and mortar business. It can be sold or passed on to whoever you wish.

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