Over 40 No College Degree

Over 40 No College Degree

  • Over 40 and no college degree. What do i do nowOver 40 No College Degree!
  • What do I do now?
  • Don’t panic!

Let me put you at ease because I’m over 60 and I don’t have a college degree either, but I’ve made heaps of money over the years.

You don’t need a degree to earn money, or sound smart. Yes you may not have a degree but it’s not needed in this modern world, you can educate yourself in just about any sphere imaginable online for next to nothing. With regards to money there are so many different ways to make money these days and they are nearly all available to anyone who is prepared to give things a go.

Over 40 No college degree, so what!

So what! there’s plenty of time. 25 years ago I was broke at 40 with a family to support and no college degree either. Over 40 no degree I know….I’ve been there. Hey at 40 your life is just beginning, you’ve got over the dreams of being 20 and 30 and now you can settle down and establish a lifestyle for yourself. What is needed is the determination and discipline to succeed in your chosen field. If you don’t have a chosen field, or it’s too difficult to get into your chosen field, then let me suggest one that you can easily get into…..Affiliate Marketing… Yes you’ve probably heard it before, but I’d like to share with you how you can get into this business without having to spend any money. Even more importantly I’d like to show you how to make more use of your available time.

It goes without saying that the way I personally like to make money is by Affiliate Marketing, this a terrific and simple way to generate cash. All you need to get started is a website and a little bit of training to get you up and running. You’ll find that when you’ve done the necessary basic training you will easily be able to create an income by making 2 or 3 blog posts a week. Over a period of 3-6 months you’ll generate a great flow of traffic to your site. When you have this traffic you can then promote yourself and other peoples products to earn commissions. The beauty of this method of sales is that you can choose your own field of marketing and create a niche website to target your chosen field.

Some of the benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • You can work from anywhere, even just using your smart phone.
  • Choose your own uniform – clothing not needed.
  • Take breaks whenever and wherever you want.
  • Make lot’s of money doing something you enjoy.
  • Be your own boss, in total control.
  • Choose the products that you’d like to promote

So have a good think about how you can apply yourself to marketing other peoples products and generate your own unique business’s.

marketingMarketing is very easy once you get over the hurdle of building a website and learning the ropes. It may only take you a few weeks to fully understand how to build a site, create your own blog and start generating some traffic. Having said that it will take a couple of months to generate some real income. But it’s well worth putting the time!

Affiliate Marketing – Training

The best way that I can recommend that you do this is through my number 1 training site it’s totally free and you will be given the chance to create your own 2 free websites which are really good to practice your marketing skills with.

You may have doubts, but first try to understand that with a little bit of training you will be able to create your own website and from that website you will be able to earn money through the products and promotions that already exist in the online market place. Which is pretty cool because you’ll not need to create any products yourself

But the first thing to do is to get the basic training and create your website, so if you go to my Steps To Success and follow the steps to creating your membership with the Wealthy Affiliate. There is no need to spend any money whatsoever, this is totally free resource and available to anybody – Even if you’re over 40 and you have a college degree!

Just go right ahead and create your 2 free websites now:

Is college worth the enormous effort?

The answer is yes. But if you are over 40 without a college degree and ultra busy it’s just too much of a sacrifice!

How to become wealthy without a College Degree

Anthony Robbins Massive ActionAbout 20 years ago I read a book by Anthony Robbins ‘Awaken The Giant Within’ it was tremendous reading and changed my whole perspective on how to generate income. Since then I have read at least 97 books on creating business’s, investing and wealth creation. I know this to be true because I’ve just counted the books in my bookcase. In addition I’ve read many books loaned from city libraries. Of course reading books does nothing to increase your wealth unless you take action. In Anthony’s words you have to take “MASSIVE ACTION” to create your own business’s. Over the years I’ve done that and I’ve succeeded….Most of the time!

There are 3  paths to wealth:

  1. Investments
  2. Savings
  3. Business’s

All three traditionally require a good amount of cash. But these days it is possible to start your own business with little or no cash and this is where affiliate marketing comes in.

But I’ll be honest I haven’t made hundreds of thousands of dollars in my small sideline business’s. However I am now well on the way to generating a full time income from my Affiliate Marketing endeavors. In the months and years ahead I can see this income increasing dramatically……I’m here for the long run!

I really hope that you find something valuable in this post and I do wish you the very best if you decide to go ahead. If you want to learn how to become wealthy without a college degree then sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and start your own risk free ventures. As members of WA we can make contact within the Wealthy Affiliate website and I’ll do my very best to help you in anyway I can.

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  1. Loved the video, can you tell me how much money you are making with your affilate markets. Is it your only income and could I do the same. I am over 40 and need to make some cash.

    • Hi Lavern,
      Thanks for your comment. My actual earnings are private but I am happy to give you some idea by saying that your actual earnings would be directly proportional to the effort that you are prepared to put in. Please contact me via email: peter@riskfreeventures.com for an informal chat and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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