Make Money Selling On eBay

Make Money Selling On eBay

MAKE MONEY SELLING ON EBAYThere are lots of ways to make money selling on eBay and to be honest I’ve tried most of them.

I’ve had my own store selling drop shipped products from Asia. I’ve sold language CD’s, leather goods, electrical items and of course I’ve sold my own unwanted items.

Of course all these buying and selling activities could very easily have been further developed. My only problem with this is that if eBay was to fail, then I would fail. The chances of eBay failing are about zero, but this notion led me to start a free home based business using my own websites rather than eBay.

My Own eBay Buying And Selling Niche

I’ve bought many items on and including guitars for my own use. My buying and selling has now developed into a passion for restoring old guitars.
I have a love of guitars and the environment and it often saddens me to see perfectly good guitars languishing on eBay and Gumtree effectively being sold for peanuts when I know that they can produce wonderful tones far better that a brand new budget guitar priced around $300.

MAKE MONEY SELLING ON EBAYMore often than not these guitars just need a little tweak, change of strings and clean up to bring them back to their former glory and this is the part I really enjoy. Often I will keep and enjoy the guitar for a few weeks before I finally sell it, so I generally have about 5 guitars floating around the house at any given time, much to my wife’s dismay.

A Money Making Hobby On eBay

I now realize that I’ve found myself a great little money spinner buying and selling guitars and it gives me a great deal of pleasure.

This is a fun hobby of mine which can easily earn $200-$300 per week providing I stick to my buying criteria. I don’t try to branch out buying and selling products that I’m not a complete expert with.

So this is my criteria, I only buy guitars that:

  • Are Yamaha acoustic guitars
  • I know I can make at least $100
  • Are perfectly straight and sound
  • Are within 15km pick up
  • Are advertised on eBay or Gumtree
  • I can inspect before purchase

I stay away from anything that doesn’t meet the above rules, otherwise I find that the selling can be more complicated and time consuming as I have to do a fresh listing description for each guitar.I currently use a standard description and often I just need to change the guitar model number and add a few new photographs.

This is really a hobby more than a business and I get pleasure in passing on these little gems to happy customers who for the most part know very little about guitars, but I know they have bought a reliable workhorse that will last them a lifetime.

I do like to use a auction sniping tool because it stops me from constantly monitoring my bids. I simply place my maximum bid and then forget about it. This is my preferred Auction Stealer Sniping Tool which will automatically place a bid at the exact time you specify, it will by default place a bid within 10-20 seconds of the end of an auction. It is a free tool that has worked perfectly for me over the last few years.

Of course there is plenty of room to make extra income from this hobby. I could offer a buy back guarantee to all my customers, because its a fact that many would be guitarists just give it up and sell off their guitars.

I could develop my own guitar website selling guitar paraphernalia and digital products. But to be honest it’s a fair amount of work and I’m quiet happy for it to stay a hobby. Which frees me up to concentrate on my own home based business’s using Affiliate Marketing as a business model.

I hope this short post gives you some ideas on you how you could make money selling on eBay. By selecting your own niche and creating a hobby on eBay for yourself you can generate income and have fun.

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