LinkedIn – Does It Work ?

LinkedIn – Does It Work ?

What is LinkedIn and how does it work?

LinkedIn Does It WorkYou probably already know that LinkedIn is a business/social networking site, but maybe you haven’t used it much and perhaps you’re not aware of some of it’s possibilities.

LinkedIn was created in 2003 to help people network professionally and the basic membership is free. It’s a site that lets you search and find other business associates and friends who you already know. You can then connect with them and they can then become part of your network.

Connecting With LinkedIn

Once you’re connected with a person you then have access their other connections. You can then request an introduction to these other connections, or extended network through your mutual contact. It all works pretty much like a business version of FaceBook. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to form and join groups, You may even post or apply for jobs on the site.

Some basic LinkedIn Definitions:

  • Connections – Connections are other users who you know personally on LinkedIn. You can invite anyone to be a connection, but they will need to set up an account to use the site.
  • Second-degree connections – These are the connections that your connections have. If you are friends with Tim, who is directly connected with his John. Tim’s friend John is a second-degree connection to you.
  • Third-degree connection – Any connections from your second-degree connects are third-degree connections.
  • Profile page – This is your personal page on LinkedIn. All users with LinkedIn can view it, though you can set it to be a private page. Your profile page can list your education, work history, current and past projects and much more. Other users can also forward your profile page to contacts on their own lists. You can even make your profile page public so that anyone can view it on the Internet (even people not on LinkedIn).
  • Recommendations -Your connections can write recommendations, or testimonials, to enhance your profile. You also have the option to display these recommendations, or not. You can also do likewise for your own connections.
  • Introductions – Introductions are when a third party introduces two people who weren’t currently connected. LinkedIn Introductions are simply a way to bring people together on the site.

Networking with LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows you to network with many other people and professional organisations in your industry or field of interest. This then helps you stay tuned to current trends and share information with others. You can also set up and/or join groups to discuss ideas and share industry news. This is a terrific way to build your professional network and develop your presence further.

Sharing With LinkedIn

The Like Button

Firstly, the Like button on LinkedIn has nothing to do with the FaceBook. When you click on the Like button that sits below the various posts, then this forwards that post to all of your 1st level connections. It will then appear in their update stream on their homepage.

The Comment Button

LinkedIn Does It Work

Clicking on the Comment button allows you to comment on someone’s update – this sends a message back to them and also sends out the comment and the post to your 1st level connections.

By leaving a comment in response to someone’s post and adding something to the topic reinforces your relationship with the person. In addition, you also share something with those that you know but also all the others who have received the post. How good is that!

The Share Button

Clicking on the Share button allows you to either distribute the post to your 1st level connections, 2nd level and 3rd levels. You can also send it to a selected group, or even forward it as a private message to an individual connection.

Join LinkedIn

I guess it all may sound a little complicated, but why not join LinkedIn and find out for yourself.

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