Is Elite Marketing Pro A Scam?

Is Elite Marketing Pro A Scam?

I’ve long been aware that wasting my money can be a good lesson in life, it hurts at the time but money can be replaced and I’ve been able to move on from my mistakes. I’ve always found that wasting my time is more of a loss to me because it’s something that cannot be replaced.

So is Elite Marketing Pro a scam? Well If you are intent on buying into the Elite Marketing Pro program, then please consider the following points before you waste either your money or your time:

  • Elite Marketing Pro Scam – Is it a scam?
  • Elite Marketing Pro Cost – Can you afford the up-sells and add-ons
  • Elite Marketing Pro Compensation – Are you well paid for your efforts?
  • Elite Marketing Pro Business Opportunity – Is it a sustainable business?
  • Elite Marketing Pro Reviews – Are the reviews impartial?

Elite Marketing Pro Scam

I received a scammy email yesterday, it was totally unsolicited, I hadn’t subscribed to the email list and it prompted me to create this post.


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This type of  scammy marketing really annoys me. I’m sure this is not condoned by EMP, so I assume it’s done by a rogue member.

So is it a scam? Well in the true sense of the word it’s not a scam and it’s certainly not a scam like some Nigerian rip offs. So take a look at What Is An Internet Scam? to get my own views on the subject.

Yes you certainly can make money with the program, but it’s a pyramid scheme much the same as most MLM programs and as usual it’s the big fish that make all the money. Be aware that some of the people in the pyramid are very experienced online marketeers and have huge mailing lists from where they can promote any MLM program with great success.

emp costsIt’s a bit like fishing, by the time you and I get to sign up for the program the fishing grounds have been exhausted and the big fish are moving on. We the little fish are still pumping our monthly subscription into the program hoping to get a feed, but the pickings are slim and after a few months we also move on.

Of course this means we’ve wasted our time and blogging efforts, in fact our blog and it’s content will fall into the hands of the guy who introduced you to the pyramid scheme.

The infuriating thing is that you can still see you blog online but you can’t access it to edit or delete it. Any referrals that your blog then makes will be credited to the guy above you. This is the nature of all MLM programs. So if you decide to drop out of the scheme make sure you delete your content first!

A $197 monthly membership program that entitles you to a training system to sell their own products on their own blogging platform, says it all to me! Been there done that!

Elite Marketing Pro Cost

empFor starters Elite Marketing Pro costs far too much at $197 a month….

It’s an eye watering subscription and it amazes me that some people are so desperate to earn money on line that they’d be prepared to pay $2364 a year get on board another Empower network look-a-like express. What really surprises me is that there are people who really can’t afford it, yet still shell it out and even go as far as borrowing money to attend the hyped up seminars that come with such products.

I can honestly say that I know of no other program that stings so much. I have had personal experience with Empower Network (which wasn’t so bad at $25 a month) and I can tell you that the Elite Marketing Pro cost and business model is pretty much a replicated copy, including all the upsells!

Elite Marketing Pro Compensation

elite-marketing-pro-compensation planBoth Empower Network and Elite Marketing Pro programs give you a basic ‘done-for-you-blog’ blogging template to operate from.

This is the compensation plan for each level of subscription. The $197 a month plan is recommended by most affiliates. This is because you will get almost 100% commisssions for most of the products


Elite Marketing Pro Business Opportunity

Elite Marketing Pro appeals to newbies. The training and blogging platform are both simple and easy to navigate, you can be up and running in a matter of hours. I am by no means an Internet marketing guru but I make my living online and I got started for free with The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership. Once I started to make a little money online I upgraded to a $47 monthly subscription. Since then I have changed to a $300 annual subscription which covers all my business needs and works out to a super low $25 a month. I can create any number of free websites which I use for testing the market and the WA membership hosts all my own domain websites. Plus I get the best up to date training online – That’s hell of a lot for your money

business opportunityThe Elite Marketing Pro is not a business opportunity that appeals to me because to be honest it’s a program that I could never be in total control of. If the program goes down the tube then so would my business. My present websites, including this one are stand alone business ventures that I own myself, they do not rely on some MLM blogging platform that is effectively owned by others.

Elite Marketing Pro Reviews

There are plenty of other Elite marketing Pro reviews online. Most of them have a vested interest in giving positive feedback regarding the benefits of jumping on board through their affiliate links. One thing I will say is if you decide to go ahead with the program ensure that sign up through a successful and helpful team. Do some ‘lateral’ research and find a team that is genuinely ready to help new members. Otherwise you’ll be all on your own, lost in the pyramid having to pay for any help that may be available.


Elite Marketing Pro is not a scam, It’s a hyped up MLM program. You can make money if you join a helpful team. But, be sure to use your own domain rather than their ‘done-for-you-blog’ blogging template, otherwise you’ll never be the owner of all your blog content.

The Elite Marketing Pro business opportunity is really a myth, you’d be better off establishing your own independent affiliate marketing business websites.

The bottom line is that there will be thousands of people who sign up for Elite Marketing Pro and most of them will fail. They will become disgruntled and write negative comments online without considering what really caused them to fail. Elite marketing Pro is primarily a MLM program that can generate income. Despite the sales hype, it’s not primarily a training centre. Without the best training you’re destined for failure.

If you are completely new to the world of Affiliate Marketing then do yourself a great service by doing the 10 part course at The Wealthy Affiliate, take My Steps To Success to find out more. Joining me at WA will help you to understand how to create your own online business from scratch. It will also show you how to generate free traffic to your sites. This free course will be of terrific benefit to you whether you sign up to the Elite marketing Pro program, or not.


2 thoughts on “Is Elite Marketing Pro A Scam?

  1. What do you mean when you say Elite marketing is not a good business opportunity. If it makes money surely it is good.
    Thanks Marie

  2. Hi Marie,
    You can make money working in just about any job, but it doesn’t necessarily make having a job a good business opportunity. This is because you do not have full control or ownership of your job.
    I believe the Elite Marketing Pro is not a business opportunity either, because it’s a program that you would lack control of. Having your own website promoting your products of choice represents a true business opportunity. Hope this helps.

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