How Wealthy Affiliate Is A University?

Are You wondering how Wealthy Affiliate is a university? By definition, universities are institutions comprising a community of teachers and students that offer programs where their students can earn a graduate degree.

Generally speaking, universities have a more varied offering of graduate classes than a college. In fact many colleges do not even offer graduate courses.

How Wealthy Affiliate Is A University?

Clearly The Wealthy Affiliate cannot truly stretch to calling itself either a university or a college and if fact it doesn’t. A simple Google search of “wealthy affiliate university” reveals about 68000 results for the term.

As far as I can see none of these results come from the Wealthy Affiliate site itself. Maybe it’s a historical thing, I believe that WA called itself a “University” at some stage, but has since rescinded the moniker probably because it has been requested to. If that’s the case rest assured that it doesn’t refer to itself a university any more.

Wealthy Affiliate University complaints

Sure there’s been a few complaints about WA over the years, but this is quiet normal particularly with online business’s. One reason being that it is just so easy for anyone to make a complaint online. Having said that, I do seem to remember reading somewhere that some US board of education had a problem with WA using the word “University”.

This was due to WA not being an accredited educational institution (fair enough). It’s possible that they were threatened with a law suit back then and this was then the term “University” was dropped.

I take my hat off to WA for doing this because there are lots of business’s, both on and offline, that use the term “University” with their name and are still in business to this day.

Who needs a job Anyway!


Is Wealthy Affiliate A University? Well I’ve just discovered some banners on the site proclaiming ‘Wealthy Affiliate University’ and this is one of them. I’m sure that these are probably old banners …. But does it really matter.

WA clearly isn’t a university. You don’t get any certificates and there’s not going to be a graduation ceremony.

So telling an employer that you have graduated from Wealthy Affiliate university isn’t going to get you that dream job, or any accolades. But then if you work hard at your Affiliate Marketing and succeed….Who needs a job!!!

You may not graduate or get a certificate from WA but, you will get a practical up to the minute online education far superior than any university can offer in Affiliate Marketing business. In addition you’ll get plenty of support from the helpful Wealthy Affiliate community

Believe me if you spend a while studying, learning and implementing all you can about affiliate marketing with Wealthy affiliate, you will succeed! Then it would be possible to make far more money than you would with a genuine university degree.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A University

But it does resemble a university in many ways:

  • It’s got 800000 members and most of them are students of affiliate marketing.
  • It’s also got a bustling and very helpful community, comprising of teachers and students
  • There’s live community help & support 24/7
  • There’s plenty of live video classes ….. These are brilliant
  • Premium video training
  • Vast amount of Premium courses and classrooms
  • Advanced Affiliate Boot-camp training
  • Forum Participation 24/7
  • 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring
  • Private messaging with other members
  • Hosting for unlimited sites with 24/7 support
  • Easy to use Keyword Search Tool and tutorials

WA Is A Community Of Learning

LEARN AT WAIs Wealthy Affiliate A University? …. No, Wealthy Affiliate certainly is not an accredited University nor is it a College. But for us members it’s a great place for learning, in fact it’s a community of learning and mentoring.

WA provides all forms & levels of internet marketing training, with Simple to follow step-by-step training tutorials and videos. it’s a very newbie friendly program that provides excellent support and gives you 2 free websites with the free membership.

What other program gives you access to top level internet marketers in the community and full support with 24-7 online chat if you have any questions?

This is one of the very few places online where you learn to properly build websites and market successfully to make money legitimately.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A University?

Try it for yourself, take a look at our FREE Membership to see if our Community Of Learning is for you.



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