How To Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online Fast

I’m not about to beat around the bush, everybody would like to know how to earn money online fast in the quickest possible time.

Regardless of what any Guru might tell you, earning money online is NOT fast, it takes time effort and commitment, in fact it’s downright slow.

The truth is that there really is only one way to make fast money online and that is………..

earn money selling guitarsTo sell stuff that you already own on Craigslist, Gumtree, eBAY, or some other classified Ads sales site. If you are struggling to pay the bills, then the best and surest way of getting some hard cash into your hands is to sell the stuff that you don’t need.

If you are looking for fast results you’d be better of with online classified Ads. This is where you can buy and sell items and make a good profit. Believe me when I tell you this because I’ve been making a good income from eBay and Gumtree for the last five years or so.

It’s Just A Hobby But..

I’ve been making a good income from what really has begun as a hobby to satisfy my guitar addiction. I’m not a great guitarist, in fact I’m not even a good guitarist. But I have become very good at spotting a bargain and turning a profit in the acoustic/electric guitar niche.

It may surprise you that without doing any haggling I can often buy a guitar for the asking price of say $100 and then sell the guitar a week later for $600 – $700. The mark up on second hand guitars can be quite dazzling.

The reality is though I will often hang onto the guitar for a few weeks to enjoy playing the instrument and sell it when I’m happy to say goodbye.

The trouble is there can be up to twenty guitars hanging around the house….much to my wife’s dismay. But it’s got to be better than an old car collection!

Guitar sales – My niche

The point I’m making is that it’s possible to enjoy a hobby, make money with your hobby and make fast cash.

My success has come about because I’m interested in guitars and I only buy and sell guitars. Yes I could extend my niche, but it would be very time-consuming. My core business is Affiliate Marketing, which I’ll talk about later in this post.

Guitar sales are my niche and that’s what interests me. It’s purely a hobby, I enjoy meeting up with like-minded people. I’m not interested in selling other items. Because I get a lot of pleasure from seeing a happy customer walk off with a great guitar that he or she is happy with.

Over time, I’ve discovered all the traps of buying and selling guitars. This experience has led me to develop my own buying system. My buying system ensures that every guitar deal is a winner.

Sales – Get Some Know How

If you are interested in buying and selling stuff for profit, then just jump in and do it. Through buying and selling you may discover a new hobby and develop your own niche. Yes you’ll make some mistakes along the way, you’ll miss some great opportunities, but you’ll learn through them.

Be happy in the knowledge that through your experience you’ll be gaining a lot of sales know how that will help you in all aspects of your life from selling a car to buying a house.

How To Earn Money Online Slowly

As mentioned before Affiliate Marketing is my core business. This is a great online business for me because it generates a great income that provides me with all my financial needs in retirement.

However, I must reiterate that earning money online is NOT fast, it takes time effort and commitment, in fact it’s downright slow.

But and it’s a big but… When the money starts coming in, it just keeps coming slowly at first, but gradually it develops into a tidy income.slow money

It’s a bit like planting a garden in that you have to do all the land clearing, build your garden beds and prepare the land before you can even start planting.

You then need to plant the seeds and look after them before they will even sprout. I’m not a natural gardener, but under direction from my wife I’ve created many successful gardens.

It all involves a lot of sweat and hard work. Eventually over a number of months all the hard work starts to pay off and we can start eating the produce.

Plant Your Own Affiliate Garden

Affiliate Marketing is very similar to planting a garden. You will need to enter the business knowing that there will be a few months of hard work sitting at the computer. This hard work will involve learning new unfamiliar computer skills. Then you’ll have to create you own web presence, followed by the creation of blog posts and pages similar to this one.

But don’t lose heart, it sounds like a lot of work. And yes it is, but take one step at a time.

It’s going to be hard mainly because as a beginner you’ll not be sure that you’re going to have much success. In fact, you’ll doubt your capabilities all the way along the line. But try to push through this lack of confidence. Stay focused and work through all the tasks

affiliate marketingOne Fine Day

Then one day to your amazement you’ll find you’ve made a few dollars commission and it’ll be party time at your place. You’ll be celebrating because you’ll know it’s just the start of something new.

This will be your new beginning because you will have discovered that how to earn money online fast doesn’t work at all.

In fact like many online entrepreneurs you will have created your own online business by learning how to earn money online slowly.

If you still have any doubts I’d be the first to admit that I’m not a great writer, but with a bit of effort I can get the job done. It took me quite a few months before I received any commissions. But since then I have gone from strength to strength.

Create Your Own Passive Income

Affiliate Marketing is just the start for many entrepreneurs. Many energetic, passionate and committed entrepreneurs go on to create massive incomes by extending their global reach. This route is not for me, but it may be for you.

I am happy to receive a passive income that allows me to travel and live a comfortable life in semi-retirement. I can generate income from all of my sites and with the right training you’ll also be able to create your own income streams.

Discover how you can Get Started With Affiliate Marketing the right way without wasting your time scouring the net for solutions on how to earn money online, fast, slow, or otherwise.


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