How To Earn Money On The Net

How To Earn Money On The Net

how to earn money on theI’m often asked how do I earn money on the net and I always reply ”With Affiliate Marketing”. This is because Affiliate Marketing fits well with me as I haven’t got time to develop my own products and services.

But, there are many other ways to make money on the internet. In fact there are so many ways to make money that I personally find all the options some what mind boggling.

However, If you are interested in making money then you should explore the many ways to achieve your goals, then settle on what suits you and stick to it.

To succeed in your own online business you don’t need to be particularly skilled with computers, in fact just the basics will get you by. You don’t even need to build your own website from scratch. The world has moved on and creating a nice flashy website is so easy these days.

You don’t need  thousands of dollars to invest in your online success. Honestly, working on a tight budget will even give you more long term success. I know this because I started off with a budget of around about $10,000 ….. I managed to spend the lot …. all gone in less than twelve months. It’s a common tale in the world of Newbie marketeers! Most of the money went in products and services that I mistakenly thought I needed, but didn’t!

Finally I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and was determined not to make the same mistakes again. So I started again with a zero budget…as I was determined not to spend a penny.

earn money on the netSo I cancelled my:

  • Auto responders
  • Various subscriptions
  • Three MLM programs
  • Paid advertising accounts
  • eBay shop account

I opened a free account with WA and created two free websites. I started driving traffic to these sites using the free methods learnt at Wealthy Affiliate – you possibly found your way to this site through one of these free traffic methods.

After a couple of months I started making money and I upgraded to a premium account. This gave me access to the advanced tutorials, website hosting, and a community to interact and learn from. I now had cash-flow and for me the rest is history.

Remember this, with spare cash in your pockets or on your card there is always a risk that you may be chasing one shiny product after another, just like I did.

It’s really surprising just how fast the money can flow in the wrong direction, when you are scouting around on the net looking for easy money options.

The secret to success is to spend nothing until you have a website that is attracting visitors. When you can see that your site is getting a couple of sales a week, then it’s probably time to spend a little money to take your growing business to the next level.

All this can be achieved at the Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get started with making money online without spending a cent. If you really want to learn how to earn money on the net take my steps to success

We all have hobbies, creativity or some degree of business acumen. With practice you will be able to turn these abilities into profit on the net.

The online world is just like real life, the same opportunities and more are there for the taking. Reach out with your ideas and creativity to the far flung ends of the planet and people will buy.