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Gumtree has become one of my favourite haunts over the last few years. It’s taken me some time and trial and error to learn how to buy on Gumtree and make a good profit. Hopefully this post will give you some insights on how you can also succeed. If you’d like to know how I make money on Gumtree then take a look at a previous post of mine Gumtree Buy Sell Win.

Gumtree Search Tools

If you are seriously looking to buy, sell and profit on Gumtree then it’s best to have access to both a computer and a phone with the Gumtree App installed. A computer, or a phone App is essential, but it’s great to have both because it will give you much more flexibility when searching for great buys and sales.

Having access to Gumtree on a computer makes it easy to trawl the older Ads and delve deeper into the reasons that they may have been around for a while.

Having the Gumtree App on your phone means you have full access to Gumtree wherever you are 24/7. It brings a smile to my face when I think of some of the locations I’ve been in when I’ve clinched some of my great deals.

Gumtree Local Bargain Finder Tips

Many great bargains can be found by looking at the older Ads that have been posted many weeks ago. There are many reasons for Ads to be lingering for many many weeks:

  • The item has been sold and the Ad has not been taken down.
  • The price may be too high and this may be the reason it hasn’t sold. If this is the case then a fair offer is given on the basis that I make $100 on resale.
  • The description may be too poor to attract many visitors, this is where I may find some wonderful bargains. I look closely at all theses Ads with my computer, I zoom in to all the photos and check out all the details. This is when I ask the seller for more info about guitar model and serial numbers.
  • The Ad has simply gone under the radar of likely buyers.

I trawl the older Ads every three weeks or so just to check out any guitars that may have slipped under my radar. Sure this is a laborious task but it’s one of my favorite how to buy on Gumtree tips, because it’s made me so much money for just under one hours work!

Gumtree Local Bargain Finder Tools

gumtree appMy main buying tool is the Gumtree phone App and the ‘Saved Searches’ facility on Gumtree.

I have set up a ‘Saved Searches’ in ‘My Gumtree’ for guitars within a 250km radius. I’m not prepared to travel 250km but some sellers are prepared to meet half way and a 250km search radius gives me a better view of the market.

I simply then check my ‘Saved Searches’ every hour or so throughout the day. This is definitely how to buy on Gumtree, it works for me and it’ll work for you. It involves some work, but it certainly gets results.

Many great bargains are snapped up by other buyers within a few minutes of the Ad being posted. Some of these Ads I don’t even get to see, some I win and some I lose. If you’re buying on Gumtree you just need to embrace the fact that you will not get all the bargains. You will have competition from other buyers in the market place and you will miss out from time to time.

On average I manage secure 2 or 3 great buys a week. In my books a great buy will make $200 or more on resale after a clean up and perhaps a few tweaks.

In addition I can often get 4 or 5 other buys a week that can make between $50 – $100. But for me this is a hobby so I tend to only buy guitars in this bracket that really interest me as a guitarist.

Spot A Bargain on Gumtree

If I spot a bargain on Gumtree, then there’s no time to be hang around messaging or texting.

Nothing! Absolutely nothing beats picking up the phone and making a connection with the seller. This is a surefire method of beating the competition….Pick up the phone and make the connection with the seller, before some else does!

Hey I’m a little on the shy side and so I preferred to initially connect with a seller via message and text. But, I soon realized that I was missing out on some great buys by simply not picking up the phone and making the call. A seller will always be more responsive and commit to a sale to someone at the other end of a phone call.

How To Buy On Gumtree And Profit

  • Use a computer and a phone app
  • Trawl the older Ads
  • Check your ‘Saved Searches’ throughout the day
  • Pounce on a bargain

At any given time I would generally have between 15-20 guitars sitting in my home office, or in my workshop. I love it, it gives me a lot of pleasure. It can do the same for you, it can be a worthwhile hobby, or can be taken to the next level and be developed into a business.

Learning how to buy on Gumtree can certainly increase your income. But more importantly it can steer you onto viable income paths that you would not imagined possible.

Hey, it might sound like a wild claim, but making a profit on Gumtree can stimulate your natural inborn entrepreneurial spirit and lead you to more fun and riches.

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