How To Bucket List

How To Bucket List

How To Bucket List Your BusinessFirst off let me explain what I mean when I say “To Bucket List”.

I’ve always seen a bucket list to be an action to be taken, so I like to think of it as a verb “To Bucket List”. Yes I know this is not good use of the English language. But, this is how I’ve always regarded a bucket list, it’s something that always needs to be added to and so I tend to “Bucket List” my ideas and plans.

Goals Vs Bucket List

Goals normally have an associated strategy and time frame, otherwise they just remain as dreams or ideas floating around in the brain. It’s great to have goals in life, but these are long term events that usually require careful planning to achieve success such as career paths etc.

So, What Is A Bucket List?

A Bucket List is a list of personal challenges or events that you wish to do sometime before you die. But and this is a big but, there is no time frame for the events. This is what makes a Bucket List distinctively different to a set of goals. Bucket List items tend to be “Just Do It” events that provide a great deal of personal satisfaction and pleasure.

Here are a few of my latest ideas that I have Bucket Listed:

  • I’m going to walk the Camino De Santiago.
  • I’m going to swim in the Arctic Ocean
  • I’m going to surf on Bondi Beach.
  • I’m going to create a yoghurt recipe website
  • Walk The Inca Trail

So what’s on your bucket list? It could be anything, traveling to another exotic land, starting your own business, getting fit etc.

Name 3 or 4 things you’ve always wanted to do? And what’s held you back from doing it?

Here’s How To Bucket List Your Future

Let me show you one way of ensuring that you start hitting some of your bucket list challenges. Take a look at how you can add juice to boost your bucket list items and make them irresistible things to do.

What I’d like you to do is to BOOST your feelings of each bucket list item by picturing in you minds eye one of your bucket list items and then:

  • Adjust the brightness and volume of the picture, make it brighter and louder.
  • Adjust the size of the picture, make it larger.
  • Bring the picture closer.
  • Notice how these changes affect your feelings.

Now use your imagination to adjust the picture in whatever way to give you the most positive and enjoyable experience.

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