How is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

So how is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam if the free membership is indeed free? Well let’s face it, if it is genuinely for free and it is, then it can’t be a scam. Because in my books a scam involves somebody being ripped off of their hard earned cash.

However, there is also a paid membership and I’ll be checking out whether the paid membership is a scam later in the post.

There are two levels of membership with the Wealthy Affiliate, the Free and the Paid. The paid is either paid monthly or annually, with the annual payments providing a very large discount over the monthly payments.

Wealthy Affiliate FREE Membership

With the free membership you get:

  1. Access to all the basic training that will enable you to get started. This training will be in the form of videos and tutorials to enable you to learn how to build a website and how to generate income from it.
  2. Two free websites that you can use while you work through the entry level tutorials.
  3. Permanent free membership for as long as you wish, there is no pressure to go to the paid membership.

join for freeLet’s Be honest, how many Internet marketing programs allow you become a permanent free member, gives you thorough clear and concise basic training and provides you with two free websites that you can work on to generate income?

There is no better bargain anywhere else on the Internet!

For more info on the Free Membership take a look at my own review here.

Wealthy Affiliate Paid Membership

Of Course, if you’re enjoying your free membership you may start thinking about upgrading to the paid membership. If this is the case you may be happy to find out that in your first week of free membership, you’ll be offered the premium membership for a discounted price of $19, instead of the usual monthly $47…..

Just hold on though! This is a great opportunity to try the paid membership, but only if you are ready for it. If you are just getting used to the Wealthy Affiliate platform and the training then you’d probably be better off waiting a while until you’ve worked through the basic training.

Don’t Rush In

Don’t rush into paying for full membership, because there is no going back to the free membership once you have upgraded to paid membership. Some people have claimed this to be a scam.

But if you read on below you will see how Kyle (the co-owner of WA) explains the situation:

kyle waYou cannot downgrade, but you will be able to resubscribe to your Premium account at any time and reconnect your membership (when you can make it back). We also host your website for 30 days beyond the cut-off date, which gives you time to still work on it or move it to another host in the meantime. To earn Premium commissions you must remain a Premium member. If you downgrade you no longer have access and you will not get credit for your referrals during the time you were Premium. But when you resubscribe you will resume all commissions on a going forward basis if you were to ever to take a break”.

Kyle goes on to say:

$47 per month (or $359 per year) to manage your entire business, every aspect of it and get training, live classes, tools, support, mentoring, networking, etc…is not a cost for an “opportunity” it is a cost associated with doing your business and by far the most cost efficient in the industry.
You can always resubscribe and reconnect your membership whenever it best suits you though and we can actually restore your website for up to 6 months of you being away”.

Cancel Your Membership

So how is the wealthy affiliate a scam being that you cannot revert back to the free membership?

Well, I don’t believe it is a scam because quite clearly you can cancel your paid membership at any time and reinstate it at any time that suits you.

This means that you are in complete control of your own spending with regards to your membership payments at The Wealthy Affiliate. 

Saving Money At WA

This cancel/reinstate method of working with WA could certainly save you some money particularly if you were slow at working through the training and need to take regular breaks. However, I wouldn’t recommend working this way because you would be missing out the benefits of interacting with the community.

The importance of belonging and interacting with this community cannot be overstated. Before I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate I was leaping from program to program and consequently, I got myself totally confused as to which product I should be promoting.

Join The Community

Having access to the community is a priceless asset particularly when you are first starting out. Getting help from the community is absolutely essential if you are a Newbie struggling with new concepts and looking for some guidance along the way.

Though if you really want to work the cancel/reinstate way then it’s probably better to not take advantage of the hosting at WA. But to host your sites with another provider like Bluehost, or Hostgator.

People Make Money At Wealthy Affiliate

Do people make money at Wealthy Affiliate? in short, the answer is yes they do! But, it does take time and yes it is slightly painful to see money going out at $47 per month and no money coming in. However, if you follow the training you’ll find that within three or four months you’ll see income coming your way.

People do make money with the free membership only, but understandably they always upgrade to the paid membership to get the leverage of the advanced training. In addition, the paid membership gives them ALL the tools that they need to run their business in one place.

Why Upgrade To The Paid Membership?

If you are just looking for quick ways to make extra money and are not really interested in building a website and building a business, then Wealthy Affiliate may not be for you. You’ll be learning:

  • How to build sites using WordPress
  • Ways to build a business around any type of passion or interest you have
  • Where to find a product and generate sales around it
  • How to find keywords that will rank your site on Google and other search engines

But Hey! Maybe you should just sign up for the free membership, give it a drive and see if it really might appeal to you….Nothing to lose!

Signing up for the paid membership is a commitment though, it’s for those that are committed and sure that they want to get into this business, so give it some thought before spending your money.

If you want to learn all the ins and outs of Internet Marketing including:

  • Quickly and easily build websites
  • Writing great content
  • Get your pages ranked with the search engines
  • How to find and promote Affiliate products.
  • And how to earn a full-time income online

Signing up for the Paid membership is a no brainer because you’ll also get:

  • A brilliant keyword tool with unlimited searches
  • 24/7 support
  • Weekly up to the minute live webinars
  • The best Marketing Training on the Internet
  • Live chat with other members
  • Secure web hosting

So how is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam when there is so much on offer?

In Kyles own words $47 per month (or $359 per year) to manage your entire business, every aspect of it and get training, live classes, tools, support, mentoring, networking, etc”.  

Signing up for the Wealthy Affiliate Paid Membership really is a no-brainer when you could be running your own online business for just $359 a year!

Finally, you’ll find that the Wealthy Affiliate members are so very helpful that if you become frustrated with your efforts, there will always be someone in the community to give you a helping hand.


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