How Do I Create A Website For My Business

How Do I Create A Website For My Business

I am often asked the question “how do I create a website for my business, or how do I make a website for my business”

It’s a complex question to answer and I generally find it easier to refer the person to this website where they can find out how to get started with the Wealthy Affiliate training.

But, the thought of training doesn’t appeal to that many people, particular if they flat out running a small offline business such as a salon, shop, or mobile business.

The website that best suits this type of small business owner is generally a one or two page site that briefly outlines the service the business provides. This may include the business location, hours of business, service provided and Fees, or charges.

The small business owner may not be interested in attracting traffic to the site other than handing out business cards to existing and new customers. This is fine, but I always advise them to secure a domain name that can be associated with their business name, because this business domain name will become an asset of the business and it will always be of some monetary value at a later date such as when the business owner decides to sell the business, which could include the website.

As an example, my wife is about to finish her training as a homeopath. In a couple of months she’ll be starting up her new business and she’ll be handing out her business cards to likely customers. These cards will refer potential customers to her website: Now this site is unfinished at present, but I think you can see that it’s going to be a very simple site that will just briefly outlines the service that she’ll be providing.

RAINDROP CARDThis is an edited version of her business card, I’ve removed her phone number, for the purpose of this post. But you can see that the card refers to her  website where potential customers can find additional info which will be added when she is fully registered, insured and open for business.

At some stage in the future I may be posting articles on her blog and possibly selling products relating to homeopathy. But the immediate focus is for her to get the business up and running.

Secure Your Own Domain Name

Having a .com domain name ( is always better for expanding your business to include sales of associated products to the global community. Don’t be tempted to use a free domain/website provider, because you will never own the rights to the domain, your site will always be owned by the domain/website provider.

I always recommend that the business owner secures a suitable domain name to match their business. You can easily do this for about $13 a year at NAMECHEAP.

Namecheap is the best domain name registry by far. It’s easy to use and there are no annoying upsells such as with GoDaddy.

How Do I Create A Website For My Business In One Easy Step?

You can easily create a simple one page website at Namecheap using your newly acquired domain name for about $50 per year, this includes web hosting. This really is the quickest way to get your business online.

What Is The Best Website Hosting For Small Business?

All websites need hosting, otherwise the website can’t be viewed on the internet. Having a .com website that is totally owned by you and no one else requires that you must be prepared to pay for web hosting. Paying for web hosting will work out to about $5 a month. You can get hosting at Namecheap, or Hostgator. I have used Hostgator and they are very good and I’m happy to recommend their hosting plans.

Currently my sites are hosted at Wealthy Affiliate which I believe is the very best hosting plan, but you do need to be a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member to use their hosting plan. This of course will not suit somebody who just wants a simple business page though.

Check out: What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership. and discover how to get started with the best free online today!

If you are interested in The Wealthy Affiliate and how it could help you then take a look at my Steps To Success and get started and learn the ropes of creating a website for your business.

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