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Gumtree Australia is now one of the largest online buy and sell sites with 3.5 million monthly users.

gumtree BUY SELL WIN ITTo have access to Gumtree Australia as a seller, you must be a registered member. To register, go to and set up your account.

Setting up your account is very easy; you just need to fill out a registration form with your email address, name and preferred password.

You can also use your Google or Facebook details to sign up. Like any other site’s usual advice, you should choose a strong combination of characters for your password. You can also download Gumtree from iTunes and Google Play to make view your transactions with ease and convenience on any device.

How To Make Money With Gumtree

There are many ways to make money with Gumtree, but this post is really all about how I make money on Gumtree!

My Gumtree sales is a hobby based around my enjoyment of guitars. I enjoy buying and selling within this single niche market in which I can easily make $600 to $800 a week.

It’s clear to me that I could develop my Gumtree sales into a full time business generating a good income by covering other niches. But instead I prefer to focus on my affiliate marketing business and keep my Gumtree sales solely as a pleasurable hobby.

If you really want to be successful in everything you do, it’s always important to have the best start possible. So my advice to anyone setting up a Gumtree sales business is to start with a single niche and stick with that niche until you know it inside out.

Gumtree Buy Sell Win

Like most people I started selling off excess household items on Gumtree. We were downsizing our house so we had a lot of gear to sell which over a couple of months brought in a lot of cash. Some of these items remained unsold for weeks, others flew out the door within a couple of days. It was terrific to see these items out of the house, but to be honest it did involve a lot of work with taking photos, writing descriptions and answering inquiries. Dealing with Joe Public was at times frustrating, but it was all a learning experience that I needed to go through, to streamline my later guitar sales.

IMG00119-20140905-0926I had six guitars that needed to go and I carefully took photos and wrote concise descriptions detailing all the imperfections and beauty of the guitars. I added non clickable links to Youtube videos and guitar reviews. These six guitars sold in a flash, but what really surprised me was how much pleasure I got from handing over these guitars to their delighted new owners.

Gumtree Buy Sell Win

From the enjoyable experience of selling my own guitars I decided to try my hand at buying and selling old Japanese acoustic guitars. I chose these guitars because generally they are great guitars that can look old and ugly but sound better than their modern day counterpart. I was on a mission to rescue old guitars languishing in sheds and lofts, sadly unused.

I have since discovered that old Japanese acoustic guitars within a radius of 100km from home is too narrow a niche due to the lack of supply. Because I have now gained more experience I now find myself buying and selling all types of acoustic guitars, electric guitars and amplifiers. In fact I’m having fun with ukuleles/ukeleles/ukes at the moment….

Here’s a tip, always add alternative keywords in your Ad posting:

Gumtree’s search bar is very specific so you do need to include all commonly used search terms in your Ad. For example there are 3 spellings for a ukulele, so I include the other 2 spellings in my Ads to ensure my Ad comes up for any of the 3 search terms. Another example would be Sofa,Settee, lounge.

Gumtree Buy Sell Win – Or Lose!

Yes there have been some losses, I’ve made some mistakes and lost a few dollars, but the truth is that I’ve always picked up something positive from a loss that has come in useful at a later date. In fact I buy a guitar with some hard and fast rules that have been put together from my losses and here are a few of them:

  • Don’t buy from someone out the front of a pickup address.
  • Have a checklist when buying an item and use it!
  • Take whatever equipment you need to check over the item.
  • Don’t feel rushed when inspecting the item – Take your time.
  • If in doubt, don’t buy, walk away!
  • Don’t buy sell loose

Beware The Pickup

I once bought a dishwasher from someone on Gumtree. I turned up at the pickup address at the agreed time only to find that the machine was in the back of his ute outside the address. The very helpful guy suggested that it was easier to load the machine from the back of his ute. It looked pretty good so I gave him the money and he helped me with loading it into my vehicle.

When I got it home the machine didn’t work so I rang him but there was no answer. I drummed up the courage to take it back to him…..But of course he didn’t live at the pickup address that he gave me….I had been scammed!!!

This was a definite ‘buy sell loose’, but another great lesson learned, not to be repeated.

Your Checklist

checklistGuitars are complex instruments and there can be many flaws that need to be checked out before a purchase. Often I will be in someones home so there can be many distractions with TV’s blaring, dogs barking and kids playing. So it’s invaluable that I use a checklist to run through so that I don’t over look anything.

Take What You Need

Take whatever equipment you need to check over the item. Many sellers sell items that have fallen into disuse and are not functional. Sometimes this is by design rather than by accident. So I always take a guitar tuner, amplifier, spare strings and all necessary cords to fully check out an instrument.

Take Your Time

Some sellers can get a little pushy to get your money and wave you off. Other times I just want to hand the money over and get out before they change their mind. When I’m paying a couple of hundred dollars for a guitar I really check out the instrument thoroughly before I hand the money over and so I wont be rushed. If the seller is too pushy and I feel rushed I’ll simply walk away!

However, If the instrument is a real steal for under $50 I’ll just hand the money over and say goodbye. This has backfired a couple of times, but I was still able to sell the two guitars at nearly $100 profit, rather than my expected profit of about $300.

It might sound crazy but it’s possible to buy a guitar one day and sell it the next for $600 profit. I can say this with certainty because It happens to me every 2 or 3 of weeks, though I usually hold onto the guitar for a week or so before posting the Ad.

If In Doubt Walk Away!

Sounds easy enough, but it’s not. When I’m checking out an instrument in someones home, I often find it difficult to walk away. So to protect myself I’ve found it easier to say that I’m checking out the guitar as a present for my daughter. I then find it easy to say it’s not suitable for one reason or another.

Learn how to make money with Gumtree buy sell win, just jump in and give it a go. Be prepared to lose a little but win a lot, it’s great fun!

I realize now that I have so much more to tell about buying and selling on Gumtree. So please take a look at some other posts in the Gumtree buy sell win series:

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