Grey Nomads Employment Site

Grey Nomads Employment Site

I realize that a lot of grey nomads and other travelers are looking for an employment site that can help with find jobs to suit the traveling lifestyle.

One such site is I’ve had a quick look around this site and it does appear to have plenty of country jobs that pay award wages. Some of the jobs advertised are for volunteer work, which is fine if you are looking for a bit of action and community interaction.

Grey nomads employment siteBut it’s fair to say that there are quite a few Grey Nomads and Baby Boomers who may be looking for additional income whilst they are travelling the dusty highways.

According to the site you just need to register and leave your resume of experience and preferences for employers to view. Apparently your contact details are only available to verified employers, but I’m not sure what constitutes a “verified employer”

It all seems above board though, in fact it appears to be a complete free site without any intent to make money. The type of work available is as follows:

  • House Sitting.
  • Tourism workers
  • Caravan park care taking, odd jobs.
  • Roadhouse, farm managers, relief care-takers, mechanics and book keepers etc.
  • Lot’s for truck drivers, harvest drivers and the like.
  •  Nannies and educators for remote families.
  • Nurses and other medical.
  • Volunteers of all descriptions
  • Self employment opportunities

Grey Nomads Self Employment Opportunities

grey nomads australiaIf you are looking for self employment opportunities, then this is where I come in. This is because if you really want a continuous income stream then the very best method is to get into Affiliate Marketing on the Internet. I say this because this is where I make my money and you can also!

Take a look at How To Start With Affiliate Marketing. But, I’ve got to be completely honest, you’re not going to make lots of money straight off. It’s not like having a job that pays by the hour. But, it is something you could be doing right now. The good news is that it’s absolutely free to start and you could be earning an income AND also enjoy your traveling.

There is plenty of information on this site to help you get started with Affiliate Marketing. Please also take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review, or just go to my steps to success to discover how to affiliate market other peoples products and earn a tidy income on the road.

Grey nomads employment site opportunities are everywhere on the Internet. You just need to create your own website, start blogging and find your own niche products to promote. Yes it does involve work and it does take time for you to generate a web presence. But it is easy enough to learn and it is completely free to get started.

Still intent on working?

Then take a look at a few more Grey nomads employment site opportunities:

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