GeneratePress Free WordPress Theme Review

GeneratePress Free WordPress Theme Review photoThe GeneratePress Free WordPress Theme has got to be the best best free WordPress theme available. I love it’s minimalist stark appearance and it’s so easy to manipulate it’s good looks.

I’ve been using free WordPress themes for a few years now and to be honest they have all been pretty good and they’ve served me well.

That was until I discovered this theme which I’ve been using for a couple of months. In fact I’m so happy with it that I’ve switched my allegiance and I’ve actually gone premium.

I Like To Do Things On The Cheap!

I’m definitely a cheapskate, no two ways about it!

I don’t like paying for things that I don’t need. But this theme really struck a chord with me and I’ve decided that it was worth spending the extra dollars to get the premium version. So I took advantage of the Black Friday deal and here I am with my spanking new WordPress GeneratePress theme.

GeneratePress Premium Is Not A Theme

The GeneratePress Free WordPress Theme is a theme, but the premium upgrade is a plugin.

I read a lot of reviews before purchasing the premium version. The reviews were all very detailed and praised the theme, but to be honest a lot of the terminology just went over my head.

So I was a little surprised to find that premium theme is actually a plugin – not a theme. This means that the free version (which looks just like this site) is every bit as good as the premium version. So if you also like the minimalist look of this theme, then just go with the free version.

The installation documentation is pretty straight forward without any nerdy language at all. There’s also plenty of easy to understand documentation on their site to help you with setting up the theme.

You May Have Noticed

Those with a keen eye will notice that I’ve changed the footer to remove any mention of the GeneratePress theme copyright. This can only be done with the paid version, everything else on this site is as the free version.

Why Upgrade To Premium?

I’ve always assumed that a premium theme is always going to boost SEO. I’m not totally convinced that this is the case. But when I’m  trying to run online business’s I want to know that I’ve checked all the boxes and that I’m leaving nothing to chance.

To be sure, to be sure, makes me feel happier that I’m doing the best for my business expansion and of course my bottom line.

I’m running 5 sites at the present and while this theme looks great for Affiliate Marketing I needed something a little more elaborate for my other sites. I also wanted all my sites to utilizing all the same theme architecture.

And this is where the GeneratePress Premium Site Library comes into play

It has 30 importable themes which are grouped as No page builder, or page builder:

  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor
  • No Page Builder

I’m not too sure what all this means, but they look like pretty good sites to me and I’d like to use a few of them some time in the near future.

GeneratePress Site Library – Take Care

The problem is that the GeneratePress Site Library themes do not work very well with existing sites with content.

In fact GeneratePress does state that the Site Library themes are intended for new sites without content. So obviously this is something to consider if you are purchasing GeneratePress Premium, with the intention of using the themes with your existing sites.

I did import one of the Site Library themes into an existing site of mine which had only 20 pages of content. The import worked fine but it took about 30 mins to fix up the site menus and posts. Not a big job at all, but beware there is no easy way of going back to the basic theme.

You will need to press the reset button to get back from a Site Library theme to the basic theme. I took the risk because my particular site is my playground where I test out themes and SEO practices. Luckily for me, the reset button worked fine.

If it doesn’t work then there’s a more complicated way to reset back to the base theme. But you will need to read the support documentation carefully and follow all the instructions to the letter.

GeneratePress Free WordPress Theme Installation

5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and login.


Step 2

Go to Appearance – Themes.

step 2 - Go to Appearance

Step 3

Click the Add New button next to the title.

Add New

Step 4

Search for GeneratePress.

Search for GeneratePress

Step 5

Install and activate.

step 5 - Install and activate.



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