Business From A Cell Phone

Business From A Cell Phone

Doing business from a cell phone, or doing business from a mobile phone, it all depends on where you reside. Whatever terminology applies, this post is all about the practicalities of running a business website from a cell/mobile phone.

First off, an explanation is in order.

OK let me explain that this is just an exercise for me to see whether it really is possible to run an established online business from a cell phone.

The first part of this post is an introduction and has been done on my laptop. All else that follows in italics is done through my cell/mobile phone and is unedited and raw.

I shall be adding content to this post via my mobile phone which is a Motorola Moto G budget Android device. Take a look at a previous post: A Moto G Review, which is just a short review of my own phone.

Why would I want to do Business From A Cell Phone?

Here’s just a few reasons:

  • The site could be updated just about anywhere.
  • Posts could be created instantly on the spur of the moment.
  • Videos could be filmed and dropped on to pages anytime, anywhere.
  • Content could be absolutely current and newsworthy.

Accessing my site Admin Area

I have previously tried accessing my website wp-admin area using the WordPress App but it doesn’t work very well. In fact it is easier to login to the WordPress wp-admin area via Google, and although working in the admin area is a little clunky, it does work well enough

Google voice input on my phone:

ok so i am now using my cell phone i am not typing but i am using the voice input which seems to be working ok i’m not sure how well it is going to go but let me just say that i find using this sort of input to be quite speedy in fact i could not type this in quicker than i am speaking um i am very pleased that i’m able to do this but rather than boy you i’d like cramps try and add a youtube video just to see how easy it is to add media to a webpage i am not going to edit this in anyway other than adam. So as i full stops and commas from my mobile phone just reading back through the text i can see there are a lot of errors so i think for this exercise i will leave here as in place because i’m sure it is very easy to edit this voice input

Input on my laptop:

Ok I’m back on the laptop and yes the above text input is a bit off the mark. But, it was very easy and fast to add the text using the Google voice input. I’m sure that with a bit of editing using the phone keypad I could make a pretty decent job of it of the post.

Any website needs graphics an videos to lighten things up a little. I don’t want to create a sea of words so I’ll attempt to add some relevant imagery.

I’m going to try adding media items to this page. First I shall add an image, then I’ll embed a video from Youtube.

Google voice input on my phone:

The Moto G Lte 4gok i am back on the phone this image was already in my wordpress media library so it was easy to add to this page no probs there now i need to search and add media from ok so now i found a video on youtube i’ve pasted the link but i am having a little little bit of trouble coffee and the link to the page umm i’ll have to work out how i do this before i go any ok i decided to add a url rasen copy full text alfie videovideo hopefully the video will never appear i’m a web page

Input on my laptop:

Hey, it works! I just needed to paste the video link into the Text editor, not the visual editor.

This is a random video that I picked, I have no connections whatsoever with the author, I am simply using it as an example.

This is really cool, I’m now able to add text, images and video content to any of my sites from just about anywhere. Yes the process is a little clunky, but like most new things I’m sure all I need is a little practice to get things perfect.

From now on I’ll be definitely be doing some of my Business From A Cell Phone!

Funny Business From A Cell Phone!

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