Best Camper Trailer Review

So what is the best camper trailer? Lets face it, the best camper trailer is one that suits your own personal needs. But, if you are on the lookout for a camper trailer then don’t be swayed by marketing tactics, remember to bear in mind that the essential fundamental requirements of a camper trailer are that it should:

  • Be within your budget
  • Be suitable for your vehicle and easy to tow
  • Be capable of taking you where you want to go
  • Be comfortable to sleep in
  • keep you dry in adverse weather
  • Be manageable and movable in the at home storage area

Camper Trailer Design Considerations

CORRUGATIONS BEST CAMPER TRAILER REVIEWThe most important design consideration when building a Camper Trailer is that it must be able to withstand the relentless corrugations of Australia’s outback. The only method of dealing with the rugged conditions is to design for the local conditions and use the best materials.

Cheap imported trailers are not designed for Australian conditions and this can be seen by reading any local internet blogs and industry magazines.

Tent Canvas

Perhaps the most important part of the Camper Trailer is the Tenting Canvas and Australian Made Canvas is the only way to guarantee satisfaction. Australian Canvas is made to endure our unique environmental conditions and no other country produces to a similar quality level. Water proofness, Weathering, Colour Fastness, and Resistance to UV breakdown, mould and mildew growth can only be achieved by using local canvas and manufacturing. Do not let your camping trips disappoint the whole family, ensure you are under the secure safety of genuine Australian manufacture canvas.

Ozzy made campers

Buying a new Australian camper can be quite expensive, check out the links below. But, there are heaps of terrific used Ozzy made campers on Gumtree and eBay. In fact this is a brief description of a similar one that I bought about 12 months ago and it’s been an absolute gem to use. We’ve been through all manner of Queensland storms and it has never leaked.

Walkabout Camper Trailer 2006

So what is the best camper trailerAustralian made walkabout tent on Nathan off-road trailer. 15 inch wheels with light truck tyres. Removable front stone guard, extra large front lock up storage box, 60litre water tank with 12 volt in-line pump, slide out kitchen box,.

Australian made tent from Australian canvas, fully enclosed huge room in front of tent will full sealed floor and an annex off the front with another wall either side. Terrific set up for family camping or for short stays. Would suit a couple looking to get away. Too many extras to list all, presents in excellent condition. $4500 ono

Just A Little About Walkabout Campers

Walkabout Campers are built in Brisbane by Craig Gall. For over 25 years he has been sewing up custom-built heavy-duty canvas camper trailer tops for Walkabout Campers. These tents are absolute best quality and should last about 25 years. Compare that with the life span of an inferior imported tent. Be wary of some of these imports because they often go by Australian sounding names.

Craigs not about the big volume production, he prefers to customized and personal build his tents with very high grade quality canvas & stitching.

If you have a trailer already, or a top that isn’t up to scratch quality wise, no problem, Craig can work together with you to get one made and fitted.

Australian Made Camper Trailers

These locally made campers are worth looking at as you’ll get a feel for whats available, not a bad starting point if you’re not sure what you’d like.

Armadillo Campers
Aussie Swag
Australian Offroad Campers
Bayside Camper Trailer 
Camel Campers
Cameron Campers
Carry Me Campers
Complete Campsite
Cub Campers
Customline Campers
Goldstream RV
Jayco Corporation Pty Ltd
Johnno’s Camper Trailers
Mountain Trail Campers
Outback Campers
Pioneer Campers
Rhinomax Campers
Southern Cross Campers
Southern Land Campers
Tailgate Campers
Trackabout Off Road Campers 
Track Trailer 
Trayon Campers 
Tru Blu Campers
Ultimate Off Road Camp

Camper Trailer Buying Tips

Camper trailers have become very popular on eBay in the last few years. Many new comers to camping start looking for used camper trailers on eBay or Gumtree. Experienced campers know what to look for and can make considered comparisons of the many camper trailers on offer. It’s well worth reading these buying tips by Ebay How to evaluate camper trailers for a buying decision? these tips on eBay are for anyone looking to buy a camper trailer whether it be used or new.

Remember that even the the best camper trailer review site cannot cover all aspects of buying a camper trailer to suit your needs and it’s always possible that the review site may have a hidden agenda. So read the buying tips and make your own educated inspections.

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