Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Making money online Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

The fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing For Beginners is pretty straight forward and can be explained as follows:

  • Build a website.
  • Add Affiliate products to the site.
  • Drive traffic to the site (this is the difficult bit)
  • Collect commissions – because the affiliate promotes a product online and receives a commission from the vendor for each and every sale.

Affiliate marketing has developed into a massive industry over the years and there are many MLM (Multi Level Marketing) affiliate programs out there that are very enticing and make it seem easy to get started. These programs usually require you to pay a monthly fee to let you promote their products. The fees usually range between $25 – $97, but that is just the start. After signing up you will find there will will be many upsells to gain access to the upper learning and earning levels. That said, people do make money with these programs, but that’s usually the people above you in the level hierarchy.

Take Care!

buyer bewareCareful consideration should be given before signing up with any scheme or program. Take care because you will almost certainly find yourself locked in to some sort of system that will try it’s best to hold onto you.

The principle drawback with any MLM scheme is that If you should decide to opt out you will find that all your work has been wasted and cannot be transferred to another product that better suits your needs.

It’s true that many MLM affiliate programs have great products, but the in house training can often be insufficient to get you up and running. This means that you could be wasting your money and time putting lots of work in trying to make commissions. 

Every newbie affiliate marketer needs good training. Without good and proper training you will almost certainly find yourself struggling to generate leads and of course leads are the life blood of any business. Without leads its impossible to sell a product or recruit someone into your program. That’s why learning the essential skills of lead generation is one of the keys to success.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Business Venture!

You will need to treat it as a business venture and create a website and a sales funnel. You’l also need to find affiliate products to promote on your site.

You should also expand your business reach by using Facebook, Twitter along with other social media outlets. You could start posting on forums and article directories.  You’ll also need to learn other free methods to drive traffic to your website to see your offers.

Building Your Site

If you are building a new website, be aware that you need to first build your website in such a way that all blog posts and pages direct your visitors to your sales page. Do not pepper your site with affiliate links, but have any affiliate links only on one page on your site.

The real beauty of this is that if at some stage you need to change your affiliate links to another product you only need to change the links on that page. This is also a good strategy because Google don’t care for a heap of affiliate products links when it comes to ranking your site.

Using Keywords

In addition to setting up your website as discussed I highly recommend that you use a minimalist method of blogging. Only use a few keywords in your blog posts, using too many keywords or should I say repeating too many keywords in your blog posts can cause Google to ignore your efforts and your posts will never appear in the search results. You will not getting any favours from Google, so play by the rules of writing quality posts with minimal repetition of key words

Blog Regularly

One last thing to consider is that it’s very important to blog every other day. You need to build your site up as rapidly as you can with the posts preferably everyday. Posts every other day will suffice, but remember the more posts you blog the more highly ranked your site will become.

Get The Best Affiliate Marketing Training.

The best place that I know to access all the training requirements of Affiliate Marketing is The Wealthy Affiliate. This is a terrific resource that you can sign up for free. There are heaps of tutorials to help you get started. Affiliate marketing for beginners is carefully explained with tutorials. You are shown how to easily build websites, target keywords, add content, generate traffic. There are even tutorials showing you how to go about choosing products to promote and start making money.

Take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review, or just go to my steps to success and get started on your own journey.

For further info on how you can make money as an Affiliate take a look at another post of mine Affiliate Marketing for Baby Boomers, this may help you if you are a Baby Boomer yourself.