A Moto G Review

A Moto G Review

The Moto G Lte 4gThinking of buying a Motorola Moto G smartphone?

Or, do you still have worries about making the big step from your good old familiar phone to a smart phone?

Then read on, because this is a Moto G review, or perhaps I should call it a Motorola Moto G review for anyone, who like myself has had doubts about the benefits of owning a smartphone.

Perhaps you have never had a smartphone before, if so this review is for you! There are many very good detailed reviews of this marvelous smartphone online at the moment. But, most of these reviews are intended for the average smartphone Geek. My review here is more about the practicalities of the Moto g as a budget device for a new user who wants to keep costs to a minimum and for people who don’t want to be baffled with all the technicalities.

The Moto G Lte 4g unlocked

Buying a Moto g has been one of the best investments I’ve made in the last few years.¬†The Moto G Lte 4g, to give it it’s full name has been a terrific companion and the best and most useful phone that I have ever owned. It is fast, crystal clear, compact and goes everywhere I go.

Many of my friends have much more expensive Android and I phones and I’m always surprised when I hear them complaining about apps freezing and slow response times of their phone. In the 6 months I’ve had this phone I have not had one frozen screen nor do I have any complaints about app speed or memory issues, it just works perfectly.

For the money I can’t imagine a more reliable and durable phone. I’m very happy with a battery up time of 1.5 – 3 days, depending on use and it’s very easy to recharge. It has great screen quality, which I believe is as good, if not better than the Iphone 5s. It has very loud and clear ear and rear speakers and has a very fast, strong wifi and 4g signal.

The phones camera and native voice recorder were both a little clunky out of the box. But, adding a new FREE camera and voice recording apps has taken care of that for me.

In fact I am totally amazed at how many useful free apps are available at Google play store. These applications can easily be downloaded mostly for free and essentially they convert a basic smartphone into a mulimedia device that gives quick access to all your online requirements. We all use our phones differently but a typical days use might go something like this:

I have my morning coffee and checkout:

  • The Moto G Lte 4gThe BBC News
  • The ABC News
  • The weather
  • My emails
  • A quick look at facebook
  • Google Analytics to check my websites visits.

All this before I even get to work on my computer.

Later on in the day I may:

  • Tune up my guitar with the guitar tuner,
  • Take a few photos.
  • make a video and upload it to YouTube.
  • Find directions to anywhere I’m going.
  • a moto g reviewDo 15 mins Spanish language study with my Duolingo app.
  • Add a post to one of my websites
  • Create a “voice to text” Document

I’ve even occasionally:

  • Booked flights and Hotel accomodation.
  • Bought and sold items on eBay and gumtree.
  • Used my compass app.
  • Browsed real estate for sale.
  • Listened to the radio
  • Browsed Google Earth.
  • Caught up on TV shows that I’ve missed.
  • Have a Skype call with someone on the other side of the globe.
  • Have used my phone to make a telephone call.

What else can give you all these features for about $250 purchase price here in Australia.

I use a PAYG $30/month sim with Vodaphone which gives me as much data as I need. This is far more cost effective than spending huge amounts of cash, perhaps $80/month on a plan which would tie me to a 24 month contract.

Of course I could pose with a new Samsung/I phone which would come with the 2 year plan. But these expensive phones have only minor benefits over the Motorola Moto G Lte 4g, in the end I would be paying through the nose.

Over a 2 year period the a Moto g will cost roughly half the cost of an expensive Samsung/I phone plan.

Check your existing phone account

moto gThe crazy thing is that my Moto g and PAYG $30/month sim with Vodaphone works out much cheaper than using my previous prepaid ($50/365 day sim only) on a 5 year old Nokia phone.

When I got around to checking my account I found that some months I’d actually spent more than $100 on calls and texts and of course this old phone did not even have Internet Access. It really was a “no brainer”, so I made the change. I found it was amazingly simple to switch over to a new phone and sim and I kept my old phone number.

Here’s A Short Moto G Review Video

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