4 Week Fast Track Review

4 Week Fast Track Review

Chris Farrell has opened the doors to his 4 Week Fast Track course!

CFM 4week fast trackThe only problem is that he’s shut the doors yet again before I could even login to take a look at the course. However, I have been invited to sign up for the updates and details of further door openings.

This style of marketing worries me a little as it implies that his course is extra special and is only available to the lucky few who can get access. However, I do know that Chris is not a scammer, he’s a great teacher and is very good at what he does.

What is the 4 Week Fast Track Course?

Well to be perfectly honest I don’t know and I’d be the first to admit that this review is inadequate, but I will update it as I learn more about the 4 week fast track course.

I can only tell you that I’ve had a good look at other reviews and it appears that Chris will walk you through the process of creating your own web based business from scratch over a period of 4 weeks.

This would be a fine course for people who are just starting out and are busy with their work commitments. I know from my own experience that Chris is a great teacher who can explain things clearly and in great detail. You can take a look at my Chris Farrell Membership Review and make your own judgement.

Yes it’s a bit expensive at $497 but I do know that Chris provides fantastic value for money and if you are short on time I’d be confident in saying that this would be a great way to start your online journey. The price includes a 12 month membership of the Chris Farrell Membership community.

Who is the 4 Week Fast Track for?

The 4 week fast track is for total newbies and not for someone who is already up and going with their online business. If you are already familiar with the basics you’d be better served by joining the Wealthy Affiliate community to hone your marketing skills as this community can offer tremendous support during your business building phase.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that to succeed online is going to take some sort of commitment. It may be a financial commitment, or just a hard work commitment. Some people find that a financial commitment is the fuel to get them started and others find they like to dabble around a bit at first. Both the Chris Farrell Membership and the Wealthy Affiliate provide training and mentoring for committers and dabblers, choose your style and get started, or you’ll never know how well you could have succeeded.

The 4 week fast track offers the same level of training as the membership training at chrisfarrellmembership.com so why outlay the additional money?

Cost of joining CFM: $4.95 for the first week, then $37 monthly, or $297 yearly.

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